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Dog Soldier (portland), kriegshog, life, C.O.P., crow, destroyed natural beast

BARKING OF THE DOGS, SNORTING OF THE HOGS @ EARTHDOM   KRIEGSHOG   This was a show organized by HG FACT (Japan’s most venerable HC record label). it was the last show of the KRIEGSHOG / DOG SOLDIER tour, and both bands told me they felt some pressure to wrap things up on a suitably […]

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engrishhhh and random photos

suspicious engrish. Or, in this case, English – heh. From the height of the Village People craze, a rough trade doll with powder blue codpiece marketed to 3 year olds. what the fuck was nambla-price thinking?????   subliminal advertising department: I showed this to my gay friend (I call him my "Husky Helper") and he […]

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crow, guillotine terror, shikabane, 324

hardcore at earthdom 3/16 One of those shows where all the crazy 40 year old scary uncle punkers come out of retirement and have a party. The last word in this review will be "sac." CROW   Even though CROW was the opening band, they came out like "we run this venue. You will dance […]

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DOOM: dot (.), coffins, snowline, songs from thousand downfall, zenocide, sithter

THE NOISE UNDERGROUND #3 @ earthdom, snowline They played very generic atmospheric-post-hardcore, mostly in 6/8. for those of you who do not know what atmospheric post-hardcore is, don’t worry. you are not missing anything. A. P-HC is bands like ISIS or OLD MAN GLOOM that make the audience sit through like 10 minutes of quiet, […]

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Security trade-show

2 / 8 SECURITY SHOW @ TOKYO BIG SIGHT A trade-show for folks in the security biz. My first thought: the ultimate security show is a show WHERE NO ONE GETS IN.   my second: What if the "registration" part (above) is like an endless gauntlet of different companies scanning, prodding, badgering, and humiliating people […]

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church of misery, ogre, blood farmers

doom age festival v.4 @ shibuya cyclone   OGRE   Ogre won my heart by introducing a song like this: "OK, this next song tells what happened before the last song." in other words, ROCK OPERA. With Iron Maiden falsetto screaming, stop-and-start riffs (like War Pigs) and 10-minute bridges – but played by totally unpretentious […]

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  It sucks to be a tourist in Japan nowadays, because not only is the US dollar weak, but all the good trends — harajuku cosplay, goth loli, kogal — are over. Here is what else is over: engrish t-shirts. Not like Japanese people suddenly got good at English, but shirts with English on ’em […]

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