Tokyo Damage Report

church of misery, ogre, blood farmers

doom age festival v.4 @ shibuya cyclone




Ogre won my heart by introducing a song like this: "OK, this next song tells what happened before the last song."

in other words, ROCK OPERA.

With Iron Maiden falsetto screaming, stop-and-start riffs (like War Pigs) and 10-minute bridges – but played by totally unpretentious workin’ men from the muffler shop down the street.

At one point they were joined by the singer of Church of Misery, who played synthesyzer on a psychedelic jam. The guitarist’s solos, BTW, sounded exactly like St. Vitus’.





They were great. – I’ll leave it at that since I already did like a million reports about them.




Bruce Willis’ new doom band.


Basically the thing about BLOOD FARMERS is, they are real, authentic hard-life burnout guys. You just look at their faces and you can see a lifetime of raw deals. So the moment they start playing, you know you’re getting the real doom. I think their hit song was about living in a wrecked apartment full of roaches and piss, and the chorus was WHY DON’T YOU PUT A BULLET IN MY BRAIN. The dude was not doing this to be heavy or shocking, that is his real life right there. brutal!


All the songs are way more catchy than your average doom bands’ songs, plus they had that headbanging tempo – faster than funeral doom, slower than stoner-rock, and played with a swing feel to it.



I think these 2 guys (above) are the only original members of this ’90s NYC band. They play really psychedelic sabbath/vitus type stuff. At least that is what Aquarius Records says- personally I don’t remember what went on, I was too busy headbanging. This show was SO FUCKING RAD in that regard.

All the blood farmer riffs share a tempo and groove, but not in a out-of-ideas-this-is-boring way, but in a all-these-songs-unite-like-voltron-to-form-a-super-heavy-single-epic-groovey-song way. I went the fuck off.

Actually I’d gone to the bar earlier, asked for a straight vodka. Dude whips out a plastic beer cup, which should give you some idea right there. He pours a shot, then looks at the bottle like, "Well it’s almost empty anyway," and with a shrug, pours the whole thing in. "here you go, lushy." I took my half-cup of liquid hangover and went up to the first white person I saw and asked him if he could do me the favor of helping me finish this booze. Thanks to his selfless and heroic efforts, you see pictures of BLOOD FARMER rather than, say, pictures of my pants and the ceiling.

For the encore, Church Of Misery’s bassist joined, allowing the singer to do some hands-free rockin’. The combined international forces of doom did a cover of ELECTRIC FUNERAL, which I ruined for the people around me by screaming along as loud as i could: REFLECTIONSSH IN THE SHKY!!!! WARNSH YOU YOU’RE GONNA DIE!!!!!!!!!! or maybe they ruined it by NOT screaming — the audience was a pretty timid bunch.

As I write this, i am listening to BLOOD FARMER’S ("BLOOD FARMERS’ "??) myspace.

So far it has taken me 30 minutes to write this paragraph because every 5 seconds i had to get out of the chair and kick my own ass: FUCK!!!! THESE SONGS ARE SO FUCKING AWESOME!!! DID I REALLY HEAR ALL THIS AND NOT REMEMBER IT??? DID THEY REALLY PLAY THAT SONG TOO?? FUCK THIS IS THE BEST SHIT EVER AND I BLACKED OUT. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKKK!!! TAKE THAT, MY ASS!! AND THAT!

But on the other hand, i DO remember that i was completely in the Doom Zone, where i felt every note, was in a trance, and basically wrung every single drop of enjoyment out of the performance, and exhausted my body. So that is kind of a philosophical question: what is more important: living for the present, or for the future? If i had been thinking about the future, i would have stayed sober, and then i would have had memories for a lifetime, but those memories would have been,"I remember standing still next to some other dudes who are standing still."

But dude, what if you just drank a small amount and then stopped?

well i dunno! what if you FUCKIN’ MINDED YOUR OWN BUSINESS? asshole.


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