Tokyo Damage Report

engrishhhh and random photos

suspicious engrish.

Or, in this case, English –


From the height of the Village People craze, a rough trade doll with powder blue codpiece marketed to 3 year olds.

what the fuck was nambla-price thinking?????


subliminal advertising department:

I showed this to my gay friend (I call him my "Husky Helper") and he was like, "Why would you even notice that? Is there something you’re not telling me?"

I was like, "Dude i am immature, that’s all."

more subliminal advertising:

oooohhhhhhhhhh S11HT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





back to regular engrish:

baby bassinet, japanese style. pretty normal, eh? but check out the brand-name:



"scandinavia’s smell."


once upon a time in the projects, yo. . .



ohhh shiiiiiiiiiiiittt!! this is Malasian folk art.




and once again:

check out this ninth-level cholo, vida loco guy:

headband, Zapata moustache, check shirt buttoned all the way up, even his expression is all "y que???"

he’s flying a red hankerchief so he’s probably a norteno.

This shit can not be a coincidence – there has to be some historical reason 2 different cultures on 2 continents share a common origin.

anyway if Thor Heyerdahl were still around, he’d jump in a low-rider canoe and go on a voyage something like this:

current beard: spiky




also — CUSTOM UTILITY BELTS. I ordered this last year and it just now came in:

I feel like a super-ninja in this thing.



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