Tokyo Damage Report

Dog Soldier (portland), kriegshog, life, C.O.P., crow, destroyed natural beast






This was a show organized by HG FACT (Japan’s most venerable HC record label). it was the last show of the KRIEGSHOG / DOG SOLDIER tour, and both bands told me they felt some pressure to wrap things up on a suitably ass-kicking note (especially since they were playing with such a crazy-good lineup of rival bands!)


The audience was excellent! There were Swedes, Yanks, Singaporeans, Hawaiians, and all manner of Japanese: sandal-wearing construction workers, heavily tattooed junkies, fishnet-tighted short girls, fresh-faced youths, black denim-clad crusties, very casually – dressed skaters, and the usual spikey guys.

headbanging! Despite being all crusty, the singer is in favor of repealing Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution (that’s the article that says "japan can’t have an army"). Said he,"Everyone has the right to defend themselves, right?"



I love how the guitarist doesn’t just have a dreadlock mullet, he has a dreadlocked mullet that ENVELOPS HIS FACE LIKE AN ATTACKING JELLYFISH. Life is a great band to see! I went up to the singer before the show to say hi, and his response was : "Are you really going to leave your bike in front of the convinience store? some bad punks are gonna steal it if you leave it there!"

So if you ever come to tokyo, don’t 1) leave your bike in front of the convinience store for the bad punks, and 2) bother the singer from LIFE while he is chilling.



COP (Corruption Of Peace)

This band was from the ’80s! The singer was a high-school kid at the time, living the foreigner’s dream of being The Only White Person At The Show, as well as The Only White Person In A Punk Band. He said that this was the first time in 20 years the band played! They were all pretty happy about it! Kevin, the singer, was saying that in the early ’80s the Japanese scene was more imitating English punk of the colorful-and-spikey variety, and he influenced kids to go in a more skate-and-destroy east coast hardcore direction.

Dude’s performance was totally Marine Drill Instructor. All pointing at people and demanding to know why they were not slamming. All "DROP AND GIVE ME 20!"-stylezzz.








This band was so great! They had a, I don’t want to say JAMES BROWN, but they had a mid-tempo groovey, repetitive, tribal thing going on. lots of monotone chanting and looping. I enjoyed this so much, but then i think all bands should be more like The Godfather.

Check out my man’s pants! Each indivdual scrap is torn from the hide of a different poser and tanned in a vat full of whiskey for 2 years, then assembled into DESTROYED NATURAL TROUSERS.



DOG SOLDIER (oregon)

Dog Soldier played some great, catchy-yet-hardcore music. The soundperson must have been asleep, because you could actually hear the notes for once. The singer spent most of the show leaping. These guys are the real deal – leapord-skin haircuts, leather gear so old the black is coming off, tattoos everywhere, covered in sweat and yelling at The Man nonstop. Fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!






KREIGSHOG’S Masaki diving on folks.



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    who was the hawaiian at that show?

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