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Framtid, Voco Protesta, Asbestos, Contrast Attitude, ISTERISMO, Final Bombs

@ EARTHDOM – "when the bombs fall"   VOCO PROTESTA   They got good old-fashioned 30 second songs. If only they had had classic thrash breaks to match. The vocal and drummer were angry, but the guitar and bass seemed bored. The vocal did that “This is a song about. . . .” thing that […]

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Tokyo decadance: robot version!

DJ SHISEN EVENT ROUNDUP PART 2 TOKYO DECADANCE ? APRIL 26 @ SHIBUYA something Please check their site for like millions of photos and videos! Tokyo decadence is a sort of roving Euro-immigrant fetish dance party. Every month there is a different theme: this time the theme is ROBOTS. The venue was a bar in […]


DSB, nervs, d-clone, stupid babies go mad, reality crisis, sex:virgin killer

April 18th @Ookubo Earthdom : "SEX OR DIE" record release party   DESTRUCTIVE SHIT BASTARDS . . . AKA d.s.b. The vocal actually moves around MORE when he straps on a guitar. He sang the first few songs while balanced on top of the monitor with both feet, his head wedged against the low club […]

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April 2008 engrish

HUGE, double-sized assortment of random photos from April:     actual, no-fooling advertisement on the CHUO train. The caption reads, ON OCTOBER 2008, IN FRONT OF SHINJUKU STATION, THE FIFTY STORY KOKUN TOWER WILL BE COMPLETED! after i got done laughing my ass off, i had to think about whether this ad was intentional or […]

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a la mode night Gothic/Lolita event

a la mode night @ studio 324, April 13th 2008 mmmyeah, A LA MODE NIGHT is a venerable Gothic Lolita institution, but since the Loli trend is mostly over, recently they have been mixing it up with rave and industrial people, so now it is kind of a smorgasbord. Anyway, say what you will about […]

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crows and cherry blossoms!

Crows are a trip – they have this very elegant, all-black-shillouete appearance . . . very Chanel, very Audrey-Hepburn-in-a-little-black-dress. But their behavior is the opposite- they are crude, rude scavenger motherfuckers who constantly squabble and eat trash. Basically they are pigeons wearing smooth duds. Plus on top of that you gotta factor in the whole […]

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Christ on parade (Berkeley), Fuck the lot of you, banjax, it’s you, kola

@ HATSUDAI WALL     FUCK THE LOT OF YOU These guys did really crazy improvised grind / noise punk, which is not as terrible as it sounds. Kind of reminded me of Tokyo’s EXACTLY VIOLENT STYLE, who had a similar gimmick. The drummer was totally nuts – hitting the cymbals with his hands, muttering […]

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YANAKA BOCHI, nishi-nippori (near ueno), April 2nd.   Normally i don’t post touristy stuff or "culturally englightening" stuff but what the fuck it’s hanami! (the very traditional cherry-blossom – look-at-and-drink party). I mean they even got fuckin Shoguns buried up in yanaka. Who could pass up the once-a-year chance to do hanami in a graveyard […]

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