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Christ on parade (Berkeley), Fuck the lot of you, banjax, it’s you, kola





These guys did really crazy improvised grind / noise punk, which is not as terrible as it sounds. Kind of reminded me of Tokyo’s EXACTLY VIOLENT STYLE, who had a similar gimmick. The drummer was totally nuts – hitting the cymbals with his hands, muttering to himself in some unknowable Lovecraftian tongue, directing the band with cryptic hand signals, headbanging like crazy!





Apparently BANJAX is an Irish word, meaning to ruin or fuck up. i guess similar to the British-english word BOLLOX UP. The band’s singer is one of those short-but-crazy kinds of girls. They play very melodic, simple punk. one guitar is clean and the other is distorted. It was catchy but would have been crappy if they had just stood there. Thankfully they really get down, as the following pictures should amply demonstrate:





It’s You were on tour with C. O. P. I liked their slow parts – they had 2 guitars and a really thick, dirty, nasty, analog synth operating in unison which gave the slow bits this really dark, heavy-prog , slightly psychedelic tone — similar to TARANTULA HAWK i guess? But TARANTULA HAWK keeps in a plodding, mathy groove, on the other hand IT’S YOU decided they had to spice things up with faster parts which sounded like generic japanese punk and you couldn’t hear the notes. Aside from the sinter, the musicians didn’t really move around.

The keyboardist was amazing – Zapatista t-shirt and sleeve tattoos. She looked like at any moment she was going to bust out with some killer move — some mixed martial arts thing or maybe a knife fight, or at least play a sample of che guevara speech on her keyboard.




These guys were sloppy, inept, derivative, and didn’t seem to realize they were on stage.




This is wild because, just last week, ANOTHER back-from-the’80s reformed band WITH THE SAME EXACT INITIALS came through tokyo – Corruption Of Peace!

And now we have Christ On Parade! These guys played the first-ever Gilman St. show way back in 1973. The guitarist went on to the job of "Chief Minister Of Obscure Movie Samples And Industrial Whooshing Noises" for Neurosis, and the singer went on to start Sha Na Na cover band THE HELLBILLIES . The other guitarist looks alarmingly like Tom Waits.


Holy shit! I haven’t seen these guys since my high school days! I enjoyed it immensely, even though the crowd was too small. It was just one of those shows where the bands are good but there is simply not that Critical Mass required for actual rocking. A small posse of Yokohama dudes shows up and saved the day by dancing and buying the whole COP merchandise table.


Performing THE LANDLORD SONG — the part of the chorus directing their landlord to fuck himself, thus the "one-finger victory salute" as our President would put it.



it’s a trip – on their MYSPACE, you can see the singer making the same gesture 20 years ago.


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