Tokyo Damage Report

crows and cherry blossoms!

Crows are a trip – they have this very elegant, all-black-shillouete appearance . . . very Chanel, very Audrey-Hepburn-in-a-little-black-dress. But their behavior is the opposite- they are crude, rude scavenger motherfuckers who constantly squabble and eat trash. Basically they are pigeons wearing smooth duds. Plus on top of that you gotta factor in the whole E. A. Poe, gothic ambiance too. Which is dumb – if crows listened to music it wouldn’t be Bauhaus, it would be some junkyard, low-down, hound-dog stuff like Hank Williams Jr. or Agnostic Front. Maybe some New Orleans Jazz thrown in. They always fight: "My scraps!" "FUCK you, Danny! MY scraps!" . . .but at the same time, you never see one crow tbe like, "You know what? Fuck this!" and find his own spot like a mile away.

They’re really human that way.


Whatever the case, the cherry blossoms provide an excellent contrast to the black of the crows, so here is some pitchers for you to spot waldo in:



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