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Shibuya’s 109 building

It’s one of those things in the guidebooks that is actually worth seeing. Just don’t expect the customers to have that crazy blackface fashion from 1999 anymore. The customers are in fact just as dull as mall girls in your home country. If you absolutely gotta watch the customers, try holding up the wall in […]

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So my cellphone suddenly stopped working the other day, while I was waiting for a call from my friend. I go to the cellphone company store, and ask why (in my broken Japanese) . Out-of-control beuracracies are often called Kafkaesque, but in this case, my adventure was more Samuel Beckettish. As a nod to his […]


CPS 10th anniversary show: cum foundation!

CUM FOUNDATION @ SHIBUYA O-NEST, 5/24/2008   CUM FOUNDATION live. This is the 10 year anniversary gig of CPS. In fact, all these bands are at least 10 years old. It’s a geezer-fest! Some of the bands were the best bands in Tokyo, but it was one of those gigs where there weren’t enough fans […]

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2008 summer design festa

2008 Summer DESIGN FESTA @ tokyo big sight, yo. This time was not as good as previous ones. But I still managed to find a bunch of interesting new artists, and I’m linking to them, so you should go to their pages, and email them! First of all, the toilet paper! Tokyo Big Sight stamps […]

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KOIWA DEATH FEST: Cataplexy, Deathscythe, FID, detirium, ethereal sin, defiled, deadly spawn

 @ KOIWA EM7   9 bands, 8 hours, 7 fatalities, 0 posers. DEATHSCYTHE bassist had this pretty rockin’ Stray Cats haircut to go with his corpse-paint. So right away I knew to expect the unexpected. And the Dark Lord, but mostly the unexpected. double headbang photo! below, the singer plays a Hair Flute. Is that […]

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2008 geisai art show

May 11 @ tokyo big sight: GEISAI MUSEUM 2     Geisai is an art-industry convention. Aspiring painters show their works and gallery owners come around and many business cards are exchanged. It is produced by TAKASHI MURAKAMI, the famous pop-art guy from the ’90s. I guess maybe becuase he is famous, half of the […]

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Department H: muppet version.

mAY 3, 2008: DEPARTMENT H.   Department H (totally massive website HERE) is a monthly fetish party. It was gone for a while and now it’s back. It’s hosted by this dude named Margaret, who is one of the most advanced drag-queens in the city, and he introduces each performer with the battle-cry: "come on, […]

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