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2008 summer design festa

2008 Summer DESIGN FESTA @ tokyo big sight, yo.

This time was not as good as previous ones. But I still managed to find a bunch of interesting new artists, and I’m linking to them, so you should go to their pages, and email them!

First of all, the toilet paper! Tokyo Big Sight stamps their paper!

I mean it is a DuChampian statement, very Dadaish, clearly a excellent commentary on . . .the . . .theft of toilet paper.

a sphinx!


Kyoko is the boss of special-effects store named Atelier Soya. and her store sign is, um, made of meat!

From Kyoko’s MYSPACE page: "I make a anything.My job is special make-up effect. make the monster,creatures,body painting and ZOMBIE,death making and more. I became independent as a special make-up effect artist in 2006 spring. Because my many many beloved people helped me, though it was small,I was able to establish a studio(Atelier) in TOKYO/MEGURO 1years ago.I am a greenhorn technically, but do my best for mind of diligence every day from now on. "

a big ole angel! made by Yumi Ikeda – aka "the Stone Hands."


This doll is made by the talented and desperately normal-looking Ayumi. I asked her "Seriously, what’s up with that?" She responded, "It looks very Japanese, don’t you think?" Figuring that maybe something got lost in translation, I pressed harder: "What part looks Japanese?" "Well, the face! It looks like an old Yukio-e print. And the stomach." Oh, ok, then.


above, this lady was drawing this INSANELY DETAILED mural BY HAND all day . . .the shading is all done with a tiny pen, the crosshatching was so fine that i couldn’t even take a picture of it even with macro.




haruka are a team of manga-illustrators that are totally changing the way I see comics. they are taking an ancient Chinese legend – (sort of an Illiad-type-of-thing, i gather), and printing it on a scroll- nothing new so far? well check this shit out – they string the scroll up so it winds AROUND YOUR HEAD. you are physically inside the comic book! what’s more, there are apparently 3 main characters in the Chinese saga. Resulting in 3 intertwining narratives , but (as you can see from the pictures here) the manga(s) function as a sort of TIMELINE. when the characters meet up, the panels expand to cover 2 or even all 3 of the scrolls! fucking awesome!




Tae-min Song

Mr. Song, whose "art-name" is UHBEE, does these: Gandam robots, usually un-assembled, just racks of plastic parts, melted with a butane parts. Such a simple concept, i kicked myself for not thinking of it.



I saw him sitting in the corner and walked up to him, saying: "you must be an artist!" (because, as you can see, he has male-pattern baldness. but rather than attempt a comb-over, he has shaved a line down the back of his head, and braided the sides into tiny, restless pigtails). Turns out, he IS an artist, and led me to his booth.

Turns out, he has made literally hundreds of sculptures, mostly of either a) ants or b) genitals. The reason for his hair? The "Pigtails" are actually ant feelers. He asked if my beard-braids were also feelers? Well, of course!




This artist is called HITSUKOU MICHIGUCHI KUMIKO. As far as I can see, she doesn’t have a website, which is too bad, because her stuff is so great!



This guy, below, did a mandala over 2 meters tall, all in this degree of detail:


He said he was working on another one, but "it stopped when i got divorced."

These women took street photos of angry old businessmen! with awesome results!!!




BLACK HAPPY (no site)




(Not like how a Southerner insults a Chinese, but "chank" as in how a Japanese pronounces "CHUNK.")


Mr. Yume is the dude behind CHUNK ROCK. He does dozens of these photoshop thingies. You have to visit his site to get some idea of the detail – it’t not just a collage, he is mixing original photos with illustrations. Glammy and futuristic.

DJ GOA is a painter from Bali! he does these!


It’s weird, because homey is a very peace-and-love-and-rave guy, but his art is total Lovecraft / Geiger style.

There was also a performance by Mr. Eyeball from China. . .







A Korean graphic designer who is trying to do art full time. He does these!

I wish him all the luck in the world. . . . we need more ex-graphic designers. One way or another.


Shima Hiromi







This is what they do. Simple, clean designs of animals that are , avacados!!! No website yet.


Ms. Ogi has a wonderful, lavish site. Her illustrations are mostly parodies of traditional monsters, in a style halfway between Yukio-e and Bosozoku.






Hiroaki does these amazing paintings of Japan’s cities at night, that convey a really distorted, haunted, pregnant feeling.

Fuck! totally lost this person’s card. . .







Kenro does all these horror-show paintings. . . .most seem to be part of an elaborate, unspoken story about recycled meat and skeletal sheep. plus, dude was the only guy at the event with a BURZUM t-shirt.

good stuff, not pictured above:

Hiro Uchiyama – tunnel photos

BLACKSWAMP : helping to Free Tibet by, um . . . posting anime-style art of skinny chicks in men’s briefs?

FUNAMOTO AYUMI – creepy dolls

AYUMI = dolls

chise – dolls. ..

Noe takahashi – dolls


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