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CPS 10th anniversary show: cum foundation!




This is the 10 year anniversary gig of CPS. In fact, all these bands are at least 10 years old. It’s a geezer-fest! Some of the bands were the best bands in Tokyo, but it was one of those gigs where there weren’t enough fans to really achive intensity. However, the small fans did give the bands love way out of proportion to their numbers.













Fuck! I can’t believe I have never seen this band before!! The vocalist is Henry Rollins, the drummer can’t play 2 seconds without doing some crazy fill, and the synthesizer player is half Hawkwind whooshes, and half ear-shredding 2-second hi-pitched note-bendy solos. The songs are short, and tend to alternate between slow bits that sound like I! AM! IRON MAN! And fast hardcore things with weird accents. I guess power violence is an ok way to describe this, although record collector nerds will quibble.



Terrible inept bar music. what the fuck are these guys doing on the bill?








Still awesome after all these years. Vocalist is a hunched and mischevious fellow, sort of a Japanese Keith Morris. The guitarist is just insane – has the craziest grimace-face of any rocker I’ve ever seen, and his secret technique is “Use right hand to grip guitar neck and hold guitar horizontal at eye level. Use left hand to claw manically at strings while sawing upper torso back and forth wildly.” Bass and drummer keep things going. Songs are short and chaotic! Vocal “hides” behind amp cabinets and peeps out conspiratorially at the audience, before leaping back to center stage.



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There was a nice moment when Singer-dude dropped his mic and started dancing, so a well-meaning fan picked up the mic and sort of held it out. but instead of picking it up and singing, the vocalist sort of crouched and started half-singing, half-licking it, while staring fixedly at the fan, who was maybe into or not that into it, it was hard to tell with the inscrutiable Japanese.





These guys play guns-and-roses music, with extended quiet breakdowns in the middle of songs, where the singer addresses the audience, and makes observations about our sexual orientation. The vocal’s comments are punctuated by the guitarist’s blues licks. After about 5 minutes of increasingly uncomfortable intimacy, the song picks up again and goes into the chorus, which is followed by a super-long Rock Ending, where everyone holds a high note while the drummer goes on a solo. This is every song of theirs.


It is unclear whether they are actual wish-we-were-on-tour-with-bon-jovi guys or if they are making fun of those guys. Definitely the singer is working hard on the dirty-old-man angle. Despite this, or perhaps because of it, they had the most dedicated cult following: seems there were 5 guys in SLIP HEAD BUTT t-shirts, (all from different tours!!) up front dancing the whole time.


The only lyrics I could understand were: IRERU TO SUGU DASU! DASU DASU DASU!

(“stick it in and pull it out fast!")

After 3 days, it dawned on me that he was not making a premature-ejaculation joke. . . he’s making a pun based on how the Japanese word for "pull it out" is also a slang term for "shoot your load." Amazing how explaining a joke never works, isn’t it?




These guys are famous because the guitarist is in ASSFORT. The show started with a rad intro: drummer comes in. tattoos on his neck. Starts a tribal beeat. Guitarist comes on stage, starts playing some “paint it black” sounding droning acoustic guitar part. Guitarist has tattoos on neck AND FACE. Then the bassist comes in and the band kicks into some fast hard rocking part. Bassist has tattoos on neck and all over his hands. They are all building up the intro, waiting for the singer to come onstage. By this time, I am expecting the singer will be some 9 foot tall Ghengis Khan motherfucker with knives coming out of his head and five Harley Davidsons glued to his shoulders and they all shoot fire out of their exhaust pipes. And then out runs this chubby, short, disoriented guy! HELLBENT had the most fans but the music was really repetitive.






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They had a banner reading “cps 10 th anniversary live show”, which was dragged into the audience and lit on fire. . . some shiny disco letters spelling CPS (which were full of fireworks and ignited one by one), and vast amounts of nudity. Half the show was played inside the crowd. Guitars were humped, thrown, bitten, and sometimes even played. For the encore the vocalist (Den-kun) came out face-down on a trolley which was rolled into the crowd at high speed. Den-kun also dangled upside down from the rafters, climbed the amps, lit things on fire, grew a moustache, took a half-eaten hot-dog-on-a-stick off the ground and shoved it into his briefs, and choked other band guys with the microphone cord.

I have no idea which songs they played.

These guys are the essence of showmanship, and they don’t get one fourth of the acclaim they deserve. Even though there were not more than 30 people in the crowd, the band went all-out and just tore shit up. The best part, to me, was that every time they knocked something over (amps, mic stands, drums, cords, things, stuff) the club sound-lady had to come and set it up again. Which meant she had to do her thing next to all these naked guys. She wasn’t like “Aww yeah, perks of the job, baby!” She was really uncomfortable with the whole thing. They were cool ? they didn’t go out of their way to tease her or make her part of the act, but her obvious discomfort was totally rad nonetheless.



























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