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the INTERNATIONAL TOY FAIR @ tokyo Big Sight

ok! This is an industry convention, which lasts about a week, but the last 2 days are open to the public. crowded!! Above, this little girl seems not all that happy to be loomed over by a giant monster. A HK xylophone is not weird in this day and age. what IS weird, is that […]

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Defiance (portland), no evacuations, disclapties, hat trickers, Tom and the boot bois,

DEFIANCE JAPAN TOUR, JUNE 2008 @ HATSUDAI WALL NO EVACUATIONS No Evacuations played mid-tempo punk, with a motorhead feel to it. They weren’t so good. TYPICAL DISCLAPTIES FANS yeah, it was that Spikie Drunx Punx kind of show.   THE DISCLAPTIES Disclapties’ singer said his hobby is mixed martial arts. But, like a other martial […]

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Pigmen record release gig: with mind of asian, UG man, angel OD

PIGMEN RECORD RELEASE PARTY @ earthdom, friday june 20th.   MIND OF ASIAN Mind of Asian : they play fairly generic fastcore, blastbeats and 30-second-shredding songs, but what makes them so awesome is that they have a great gimmick: they dress like the Grateful Dead. They come out in these gypsy, hippie, dirt-farming ensembles, plug […]

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Egg magazine ‘Gaijin Punch’ article

June 2008 EGG magaine, featuring a special report on HOW TO HIT FOREIGNERS: . .. no, wait, actually it’s a report on how to stop sexual harassment by foreigners at a club. I hope the "GET OUT FACE!" expression catches on. Below, women’s fashion: . . . and men’s fashion: Pretty sure one of the […]



@ Big Sight It was at Tokyo’s biggest convention center, so I expected that it would be mega, but it was kind of small. Most of the toys were from the ’70s, it looked like. I couldn’t find the giant-ass Raydeen I wanted when I was a kid. There was some crazy Shogun warrior doll […]

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firefighting trade-show

FIREFIGHTER SHOW — July 6th, 2008 @ tokyo big sight. one of the puzzling that things Japanese do – combining industry conventions with "Let’s teach kids about the importance of our industry to society" outreach type deals. For instance, the sewer convention had magicians, mickey-mouse type mascots, and comic books teaching kids where their flushes […]

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