Tokyo Damage Report

firefighting trade-show

FIREFIGHTER SHOW — July 6th, 2008 @ tokyo big sight.

one of the puzzling that things Japanese do – combining industry conventions with "Let’s teach kids about the importance of our industry to society" outreach type deals. For instance, the sewer convention had magicians, mickey-mouse type mascots, and comic books teaching kids where their flushes go.

The fire and safety expo, though, took it to a whole nother level. In fact, I’d gone to Big Sight to check out the old toy / hobby convention, but was suprised to find that most of the little kids were going to the fire convention next door. As soon as i went in, it was easy to see why:

you could ride a fire engine, and take a ride in the cherry picker – there was a line a block long to sit in the cockpit of the helicopter! plus you could squirt a fire hose, try on a fire hat, and meet real firemen. it was basically Disneyland for budding pyromaniacs. And that’s not even counting the many many other -fighters that were all up in this bitch: toxic waste-fighters, bioweapon – fighters, ghostbusters, hazardous materials-fighters, nuke-rad fighters, etc.


as with all my trade-show reports, i’ve tried to link the pictures to the company, so you can see more pictures of the stuff , and explore the world of firemen / hazmat men and women.

Below – the Earthquake simulation pavillion – made to look like a destroyed building! inside, you could see 2 families, the Goofus and Gallant of seismic preparedness – and how the same quake affected both.

you could also go for a ride in an earthquake stimulator — not a computer, VR one ,but an actual suburuban dining room that would shake and rattle. seriously it was like a amusement park -of death!!!!


below – free rides on the fire bike. the kid’s allergy mask makes him look like one of the famous bosozoku gangstas!


TOUHATSU – makes fire trucks! and outboard portable pumps.

Patlite , a company that makes flashing police lights. English site HERE! T

The flashing lights displays were way more intense and blinding than any disco.

video 1


video 2


OKYO SIREN – makes pumps, axes, hoses, nozzles, and tank turrets, and old-fashioned-turn-of-the-century tiny pumps on bicycle wheels.



spikes!!!!! the firefighter can stay in the safe room, and punch through the wall to the burning room, and inject the water like a giant syringe.




These giant nozzles are for launching fire-retardant foam.

YONE- makers of the "life detector" and fire hose nozzles

there were also fire-hoses that looked like effing tanks:


below, a more regular pump:

MAKITANUMAZU – makers of the Rabbit line of pumps and firetrucks.



below- a robot that could scout burning areas:

. . . and not one but TWO submarine remote-control camera robots:


above, the DELTA 150– submarine camera robot!

cool, retro-looking weather-measuring devices, that look like some Rube Goldberg contraption by way of Jack Kirby:

There was a whole section of the convention dedicated to evacuating civilians — tents for them to sleep in, and so forth. the best part of the evacuation was the toilets:


KOKEN – makes gas masks and portable toilets for evacuation of civilians, in both senses.

above, WRAPPON – the toilet of the future!

this has the revolutionary "waterless flush" where the poop falls into a plastic bag, which is then heat-sealed and cut by mechanical scissors, and the resulting plastic covered poop-ball is then dropped into a wastebasket under the toilet. plus the toilet has its own sphinctcer!!!!

wrappon video

compressed-air flush toilet video



EASTICO- makes all sorts of toilets for evacuees. or soon-to-be evacuees.








then, more regular tools:

above, nozzles that connected hoses to pumps. they were specially designed to be very quick to remove or swap.


first, this amazing thing, only in japan: origami helmets!

these could be folded flat and stored until an emergency, when they could be *THRACK* opened up and passed out to evacuees.

below, sort of samurai-looking helmets.



next, body harnesses for raising people up and down buildings.

of course I been to enough hentai events, that all this stuff looks like fetish gear to me. It was really distracting, to say the least – trying to concentrate on what these costumes were really for.but, as with anything dirty, once you see it, you can’t UN-see it.

frankly, if i go to any more fetish events, I’m gonna start looking at toasters and couches funny.

FUJII-DENKO- make safety harnesses. they have an English site!


Msa Japan – makers of "fire government official girl activities clothes," among others. . general catalog. uniforms section.

Definitely the main attraction was the bewildering array of fire-retardent uniforms and gear. This guy, below, looks hella samiuraied-out:

AKAO = uniforms!



N-ENCON also makes bunny suits , and first aid stuffs. and this. and THIS ninja-looking thing.

BRISTOL UNIFORMS– a UK company had a booth at the show – thought i’d include it because the site is in English. " "Because the system carries the unique property of "active air entrapment" coupled with added strength, it offers the highest levels of garment integrity" – if you can call that English? "A PTFE laminated to a spun lace substrate, combining the qulaities of gore-tex with protection against blood-borne pathogens."



below, SMS – makes the "bunny suit" – the white science-y suit. their website has blonde models striking superhero poses whilst fighting imaginary viruses.

but even in the uniform world, some are more hard-core than others. like this guy:

The idea here is that they use a fan and an air cannister to inflate the suit, so that even if you do rip the suit, the air inside will poot out the tear, the suit will stay puffy– , keeping harmful poison gas out of your lungs and burning stains away from your skin.


TEISEN- makes crazy james-bond-looking Special Emergency and Anti-NBC (nuclear, biological chemical) hazmat equipment. (site in english)

STS – they make all kinds of fire-safety gear, from oxygen tanks and fireproof clothes, to gasmaks and shit you can put on a baby to keep it from inhaling smoke on the way out. mostly they make this giant orange puffer suit.



EIKAN – makes the most crazy haz-mat suit.


this last one is from GADELIUS- Gadelius makes crazy heavy-duty suits such as this one, called the DEMRON. DEMRON uses RST( radiation shield technologies) to make this fucking thing: a radiation-proof ninja suit. that’s all we fuckin’ need in these crazy times: nuke-proof ninjas. I think that’s one of the Signs.


guests riding in the cherry pickers:






FORUM 8 – makers of UCWIN (VR drivers-training software) and UCWIN FRAME (this insane, huge VR earthquake software that allows you to model where the building you’re desigining will probably crack during a quak)

and they also make the amazing EXODUS, a VR evac sim, allows you to model how much time it will take the building’s workers to evacuate since you didn’t put in enough stairs, you arrogant architect bitch.




MILLER – has a huge blog full of tow-truck porn, plus the MAT JACK, which is a creepy fetishy inflatable thing that allows you to take an object on its side – such as a crashed truck filled with nitro glycerine, or an Easter Island statue — and restore it to an erect position, without cutting down all the trees on the island. or blowing it up.

PROP-G makes slightly silly safety equipment, such as airbags for fat-people-scooters, and the ITSUMO, a "life jacket" which is what you wear to jump out of a burning building when there is no safety net.



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