Tokyo Damage Report


@ Big Sight

It was at Tokyo’s biggest convention center, so I expected that it would be mega, but it was kind of small. Most of the toys were from the ’70s, it looked like. I couldn’t find the giant-ass Raydeen I wanted when I was a kid. There was some crazy Shogun warrior doll that was like 2 feet high, and to my little eyes, it was the Best. Thing. Ever. See, back in the day, toys didn’t change shape. They either shot pellets or they had secret compartments that opened up. This 2-foot guy was so massive, he had SMALLER robots in his secret compartments. It seemed at the time like a high-tech version of a traditional Nativity Card. I could have spent weeks just opening and shutting Big Guy’s doors and marvelling at the cosmic suprises therein. Not only was he absent from today’s gathering, but I am beginning to imagine that he was just the product of my youthful imagination.


On with pictures!

I’m not a big toy nerd, so I don’t know who these toys are or which kinds of lasers they shoot. But I love the old-school design and faded colors.


The flea-market guys would erect TOWERING DISPLAYS, always on the edge of total collapse, like the one below:

Every fuckin’ booth was like this! What’s weird is, so many kids kept the original boxes of their shit. In my country, box keeps you! No, but seriously, in America kids just tear the box to pieces because it is keeping them from getting to the toy faster. Which I have to say I still think that’s the best way.


This was my favorite one: all these damn space-ships.

The brand name is Yamato, which I guess refers to this. I always get this confused with Captain Harlock, so it’s a nerd-fail. A nerd-fail I can be proud of.

Look at this motherfucker!!! All BEOWWW BEOWW!!!! particle beam upside your head!




Do I have an opinion about this? Yes. This is the best. Most of the others have this Battle-ship Yamato look, but this one is already on some ’90s, organic, rounded style, plus you gotta give it up to the double-nose blaster. It looks like a cross between spiny tide-pool critter like a limpet / kiwi / hedgehog or some shit.

Furthermore, deeeeeyammmn.

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