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Pigmen record release gig: with mind of asian, UG man, angel OD

PIGMEN RECORD RELEASE PARTY @ earthdom, friday june 20th.



Mind of Asian : they play fairly generic fastcore, blastbeats and 30-second-shredding songs, but what makes them so awesome is that they have a great gimmick: they dress like the Grateful Dead. They come out in these gypsy, hippie, dirt-farming ensembles, plug in their instruments, and just when you are about to leave the building, you hear the singer go AIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE and they play like 40 songs in 2 minutes. and you’re like WHAT THE FUCK??? this is such a rad idea, it is sad how no other bands do it.

it’s kind of like if you went to the opera and some fat old lady in a tuxedo started singing HOT FOR TEACHER, OO-WOOOW!!

or if you went to a show and some guy in a cowboy hat and bolo tie picked up his gee-tar and started playing FUCK THA POLICE.

Maybe 15 years ago, the idea of "a bunch of chicks but they thrash hard" would have ITSELF been enough of a gimmick, but to their credit, MIND OF ASIAN knows that in the 2000s, thrashing chicks are normal, so they had to step up and invent another gimmick if they wanted attention.

Unfortunately, the performance is not as angry as the music. the drummer doesn’t grimace, the singer moves around but isn’t really menacing, and the string section doesn’t do jack shit.



I had just seen these guys open up for C.P.S. and really disliked it. but this time, they had 2 more members and really were pretty good. it still had this corny party feeling to it, but this time they had this high-energy, nervous groove going the entire set – like fishbone or something?



Angel OD gets my vote for the most chaotic band in tokyo, now that NO FUTURES doesn’t play anymore. (according to the drummer, the no futures singer is now obsessed with raising cactuses in his backyard and has very little time for the band).



here, the bassist vaults over the amps and into the audience.


Singer does a backflip scream in the middle of the pit and no one even notices. fuck this audience in the back area!!!!!



above, the whole band jumps into the audience and is rocking out.

above, the finale: the bassist did a flying tackle into the whole drum kit, fucking himself up in the process.




I just covered their live show 3 weeks ago, so I won’t go into too much detail here.



Pigment just released a record.

They play harsh music that is primairly based on stacatto rhythms – instead of riffs or chord progressions or guitars going doodilydoodily doo,

the drums go DONK DONK, BEDONK, PUDDLEY DUM! and everyone else copies the drum pattern. lots of stops and starts. some thrashing bits. It’s a good idea , but again the members don’t really look at the audience or move around, so it isn’t that interesting to see them. The guitar also has this annoying hi-pitched Steve Albini sound to it.

um, and on that note. . . goodbye!

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