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2008 Kawasaki haloween parade

2008 10 / 26 HALOWEEN PARADE @ KAWASAKI   it was so fucked up. The whole thing was like an airline who overbooked the flight – a situation arranged by business suits in some fluorescent office, who decided to screw the regular street-level staff, the customers, and the bystanders all at once! The parade went […]

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october engrish

This is the perfect thing: A how-to-speak-English book that fucks up the TITLE. Above, a laminated sign from a lighting-rig at the Robot Convention. "Be careful, it’s hot!"     Above: a samurai hairdo with a child’s sock. Above, a product called KEITAROU, which claims that, with the touch of a button, you can jam […]

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tokyo crazy-ass buildings and nutty ROOFs

TOKYO ARCHITECTURE SPECIAL PHOTO THING. Tokyo crazy-ass roofs:   Giant cranes lowering UFOs onto building roofs: This bullshit!!!!   nice houses!   above, what seems to be a UFO landing on the roof of a Shibuya building.           Below, a fairly typical-lookin’-ass house: Or is it? Check out the side view: […]

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  Hiroko and Matt are professional translators who also publish their own books. They just released a rad tome called YOKAI ATTACK – the only book in English about Japanese folk monsters (all the other books are either in Japanese or the even more inscrutable dialect of Academic ) . They were nice enough to […]

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Gauze, mania organ, colored rice men, total fury

October 12, 2008 GAUZE @ SHINJUKU ANTIKNOK. This show was exceptional in several ways: Usually GAUZE only plays for 12 minutes or so. But this time, all the OTHER bands played 12 minutes and GAUZE played for a real long time. Also it was only $12, about half of the usual. Plus I actually got […]

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2008 summer vacation

ok! SO. No updates for a while. Bloggers commenting about their lack of comments is something of a cliche – who am I kidding? It’s a fucking terrible cliche – but I gotta say at least I have an excuse: earlier this summer, I came down with a bad case of Coolio Beard: . . […]

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 @ ROPPONGI SUPER-DELUXE: I often write about punk, metal, goth/loli, and such. But now it’s time for a new subculture: SONORE.   SONORE is a music label run by Big Franck, who is a sort of one-man French Embassy for odd Japanese bands – for 10 years he’s been working to promote bands both in […]

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