Tokyo Damage Report

Gauze, mania organ, colored rice men, total fury

October 12, 2008


This show was exceptional in several ways: Usually GAUZE only plays for 12 minutes or so. But this time, all the OTHER bands played 12 minutes and GAUZE played for a real long time. Also it was only $12, about half of the usual. Plus I actually got good photos this time – since I arrived an hour early and staked out a good spot where flying bodies couldn’t land. Onwards. . .


Perversely, the only band of the evening WITHOUT a Hammond organ player, MANIA ORGAN is a bass-and-drums duo that sounds like RUINS with grindcore. Which would make them the best band EVER if they could pull it off but they so can’t. They go all-out and grimace and scream, but they aren’t tight and the bass guitar is so old it’s literally held together with a c-clamp. Dude’s distortion pedal is also a piece of shit. So when he starts trying to play 1,000 notes a minute, you can’t hear any of it. I am not even sure he can play his own songs. It’s frustrating because you can see what they’re trying to do and agree with it 100% but, damn. If you got all your equipment from a dumpster, you should write songs that can be heard and understood on that equipment.


CRM had the best, clearest sound of the evening – it was like listening to a record. The singer came out with rockstar shades and a new motorcycle jacket with baggy black jeans , looking like Young Jeezy in the PUT ON video. He has an interesting style where he’ll sing some angry shit but with a raised eyebrow, like "ORLY?" He seems to be quite a sardonic character.



Total Fury are from the city of SENDAI and play short songs with hella stop-and-start parts. The guitar sound was pretty dumb – tinny and REM-jangly sounding. The singer leapt all around and spent most of the time sharing the microphone with the audience. The songs are like MINOR THREAT but with 6 riffs per 1 minute song!



My favorite thing about GAUZE is the drummer:

Dude is making the craziest, seizure faces throughout. He just sweats everywhere and attacks the drums like a WWII soldier doing war crimes. I would pay to see him play solo. Dude seems to be pushing the physical limits of his body and enjoying it – it’s ferocious and scary.

He’s in a side- band with a dog-obsessed, French-speaking organist named JON. Their band is an improvised drums-and -organ-duo called 犬彦 (inuhiko). They sometimes play in Kouenji. Gig list here:

Here is FUGU, the singer, about to intercept not one or 2 but 3 stagedivers (left side) there’s as many feet as heads in the fuckin’ audience!!!

Like I said before, it’s really unusal to get good pictures of these guys. Below is a the reason why:

That’s a more typical audience perspective – a vortex of flying fists and feet, with the band barely visible in the center.

Anyway this show started at 7pm on the dot, and was over by 9. talk about a short sharp shock!!

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