Tokyo Damage Report

october engrish

This is the perfect thing:

A how-to-speak-English book that fucks up the TITLE.

Above, a laminated sign from a lighting-rig at the Robot Convention. "Be careful, it’s hot!"



Above: a samurai hairdo with a child’s sock.

Above, a product called KEITAROU, which claims that, with the touch of a button, you can jam any cellphone within a few meters. Note the English on the top right: SHUT UP.

Below, from the same store: the inevitable HELLO KITTY RAPE WHISTLE.

Actually it’s a "good safe anti-crime buzzer."

Above, at Japan Wendy’s: the EGGPLANT BOLOGNASEcheeseburger.

Below: another one of these:

No context.

Below, nature!

This is some cool shit about plants: they don’t respect walls and rules and shit.

The green grass growing through cracks in the dingy city sidewalk is kind of a cliche, but this wall-top urban sprout takes it to the next level:

How’d you like this for your new desktop? Cause that’s what I got:

More Engrish .. .

And what is their mascot?

Of course! Naturally!




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