Tokyo Damage Report

tokyo crazy-ass buildings and nutty ROOFs


Tokyo crazy-ass roofs:


Giant cranes lowering UFOs onto building roofs:

This bullshit!!!!


nice houses!


above, what seems to be a UFO landing on the roof of a Shibuya building.






Below, a fairly typical-lookin’-ass house:

Or is it? Check out the side view:

It’s so narrow, homey’s van pokes out the front AND back sides. He had to tear down the back wall of his garage!!


More suprises: below, this vine-encrusted house:

Looks like something out of a Studio Ghibli movie, doesn’t it?

But check this shit out: it’s literally in the shadow of the DOCOMO building! (one of the most famous, modern monoliths in the heart of urban tokyo)

Below, crazy old abandoned ghost-pachinko parlor:



River running under a freeway!


Below, filth!

Tokyo’s buildings are freestanding, but usually about 3 inches away from the next building – not enough room to ever see, let alone clean. So when one gets torn down, decades of city smog are exposed. It looks like some postacopolyptic shit.

Below – this guy!

Another feature of Tokyo architechture: dizzy repitition:

and absurdly skinny buildings:

Below, the one building that survived WWII:


It’s right next to the one from before!

I’m audi!


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