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Gothic bar Heaven

  vanished empire   featuring DJ CHIHIRO. – on the left, with the face. This band sounded like Skinny Puppy if Skinny Puppy only used ‘General MIDI’ sounds. Every song went like this: disco drums, no snare, four basic punk chords (one bar each) with some distorted synth melody over the top nonstop the whole […]

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UNITE IN FIGHTING 16: Padlock, crossface, tempest, organism, veihaz

PUNK @ 20000V , 高円寺 SUNDAY NOV 23, 2008 PADLOCK presents "UNITE IN FIGHTING Round.16" This was another one of those "Great Bands / Not Enough Audience To Really Get A Party Started" – vibe-having-ass kind of shows. Also, most of the bands had moustaches. Keep an eye out. CROSS FACE Crossface often plays with […]

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Translation of Kobayashi Yoshinori’s manga about whaling.

  Lately, I’ve been really interested in Kobayashi Yoshinori. He’s famous for being a right-wing cartoonist. There aren’t many of those, in any country! He publishes a magazine called “WASHISM” – either a pun on “washi” (meaning, “me”, or “me-ism”), or a parody on “fascism,” depending on who you ask. Mr. Kobayashi prides himself on […]


2008 winter design festa

November 6th or so @ Tokyo Big Sight DESIGN FESTA WINTER 2008     You can search for other D.F. artists at the Design Festa page, here. I wasn’t expecting much this time, but I was retarded. There was so much good shit, it took me 7 hours, and I didn’t even see everything! Not […]

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