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  (a tour guide) As per my recent rant on Japan’s “capitalist communism,” if you find one crazy little store by accident, chances are that there are 12 crazy little stores right next to it SELLING THE SAME THING. Here is a good example. I was in Ueno, and saw this crazy-looking neighborhood that seemed […]

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  Rad field trip! Hella dudes is claiming to be the expert of Akihabara now – that ain’t me. I wanna be the King of OKACHIMACHI.. . .or at least AMEYOKO or HIGASHIUENO! That’s this neighborhood NEXT to Akihabara – between Akiba and Ueno. Full of old buildings : not just falling-down wrecks but the […]

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  . . . .where businesses in the same field all cooperate with each other. . . to screw the customers! A very Japanese phenomenon. Capitalist Communism ~ All the greed of the former, with the stifling, uncompetitve, lack-of-incentive of the latter! None of Communism’s workers’ rights, and none of Capitalism’s unpredictable, dynamic hustle! FUCKIN’ […]

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theatrical comedy rock show: shine shine dan, qp crazy, HEDORANOME, digital city junkies, RIMPU SEN HARETSU, logistics, planet gold 2008

@ shinjuku LOFT comedy rock and roll show.   Tonight’s show was a mix of joke bands, nerd bands, and suspicious bands. The audience was mostly fake-leather-pants geeks, rejects, friends of the bands, and women who are into "boys love" manga. You’d think I would be popular in such a scene but I was shunned. […]

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2008 winter engrish

december New Year engrish bonanzaaaa! Below – the Boy George store: Below: guess what this is? Yes. You can find it at Yoyogi JR Station, and I think Shinjuku station as well! Great for making vacation soviniers. Suvineers. Souvineirz. Fuck. Above: the Comwell group’s stand-up comedy seminar.   Above, KNT! It’s not dirty. They do […]

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Blood Xmas gothic show.

2008 Dec 14@ Studio 326 "BLOOD XMAS" SPECIAL   It’s 4 pm in Tokyo, and already the goths are dancing. Not just dancing but singing along with United States Marine Corps slogans and the marching music known as ‘cadences.’ : some DJ had put on a record that sampled some cadences and all these kids […]

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2009 fashion predictions

来年の流行: 俺の2009年ファション占いン~ス!!! my 2009 fashion predictions: 第一: チャラ男が好きなブーツに合わせるために足首の骨の手術をもらいますという流行。 Shibuya guys will get their shinbones bent to fit their boots. 第二 恥ずかしがり屋の子がおへそにガーゼマスクを着るという流行。 特別なポイント:マスクの内臓の電気製品が携帯に電話がかかってきた時に”ピヨピヨ”と鳴く! SARS masks for shy girls with low-rise jeans. They have a chip in there which emits a bird chirp if they get a cellphone message. 第三 ”逆B-BOY”が去年おととしのダブダブジーンスをリサイクルするという流行。 特別なポイント: T-シャツも挙げた。 乳首も見えるかな。。。 "reverse b-boys". 第四 サラリーマンが携帯ネクタイを着る。  Instead of […]

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Akihabara idol-singer show!!!

DEC 7TH 2008@ some dumb place in Shibuya: KONTON‐Chaos Club vol.2 This was an Akihabara-culture techno rave party. At noon on a Sunday. Stuff got weird in a hurry. JERKOFF DJS There were 2 floors of entertainment. The first floor was nothing but DJs playing super-fast trance music to a half-empty room of nerds. Here […]

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BLACK METAL INFERNO: ssorc, cataplexy, sun goddess, blasphemous legion, ARKHA SVA, abagail

 @ kurawood This was the first time in maybe 5 years that there was a show where every band was black metal. I think there was only one other foreigner, which was weird because normally foreigners support Japanese metal more than Japanese kids. In fact, the show was packed, but packed with nerds and record-collector […]

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