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BLACK METAL INFERNO: ssorc, cataplexy, sun goddess, blasphemous legion, ARKHA SVA, abagail

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This was the first time in maybe 5 years that there was a show where every band was black metal.

I think there was only one other foreigner, which was weird because normally foreigners support Japanese metal more than Japanese kids. In fact, the show was packed, but packed with nerds and record-collector scum that – who knows why they even came!

On the good side, the DJ played rad music between bands. This is a really crucial and overlooked aspect of concerts. The DJ was bumping 20th Century Atonal operas and "industrial" music that consisted of a 40Hz sinewave for 15 minutes.



SSORC is Japan’s answer to The True Mayhem: trem-picked death-metally bits, tritone dischordant bits,

ferocious attitude, a good mix of minimal grimness and bombast . . . . . . but the thing that strikes you on a first impression is their fuckin’ speed. Speed you can only get from Mr. Iron Fist (veteran of such bands as CROW, DIE YOU BASTARD, etc.). Mr. Iron Fist is also on the cover of the fine book, ROCKER’S TATTOO.

The music is ferocious, AND has nifty breaks to it, but I’d prefer it if they had more guitar-plays-for-2-minutes-while-everyone-else-lays-out parts.

The vocalist, (according to, his name is "mr. mutilation under the moonlight" ) gave a rousing speech in the middle of the performance about the True Meaning of Black Metal: VIOLENCE.

It was an apt soliliquy – because most of the people at the damn show had never been to a BM show before.

They ended their set with a long chorus of Seig Heils.

(they were heiling the concept of black metal)

(whatever that means)

Anyway I looked at the crowd of noobs after SSORC’s set and fools was traumatized. Rad!



The concept of SUN GODDESS was: one dude and hella ladies – perhaps the first Black Metal Pimp? You know you got to fear the pimp hand when it is coated in 4 inch spikes.

Yeah, this is one of those "opera-chick-and-keyboards" bands. But – compared to most of those bands these guys were pretty heavy. No E-D-C riffs and no crying about a dead rose. Sure, SSORC was way more brutal, but everyone in SUN GODDESS was 5 foot nothing- they would of looked even sillier trying to be "The Brootal Band".

SUN GODDESS’ music was not as emotional and Theatre Of Tragedy-ish as the pictures would suggest. But, neither was it complex. They didn’t do any counterpoint or harmony or anything bombastic, which is like, "Why are you playing that style of keyboard-opera metal then?!?". On the third hand, they DID have good dynamics of speed: they’d go from really slow doom to mid-tempo, to blasting and back. Probably my favorite part of their set was between songs when the large guitarist (the lady with the Antebellum South funeral ball-gown) accidentally fed back. . . but her feedback was EXACTLY THE THEME TO CLOSE ENCOUNTERS.

fuckin’ psycho!!!



I guess the singer and bass of DEATHSCYTHE formed a new band. The lineup, according to their site is:

EdifAnob-Alcard, Parasugob, and Phillip.

I’ma say that again:

EdifAnob-Alcard, Parasugob, and Phillip.

So right away they are in the top 10% of all bands, ever. WTF. Damn.

The vocalist has stopped doing his Jethro Tull pose, and now spazzes out like a breakdancer with tourette’s. The music of BLASPHEMOUS LEGIONS is more dirty than DEATHSCYTHE. It reminds me of the really primitive metal from Eastern Europe – the Pagan War Metal or whatever those nazis are calling it these days. You know, the shit where some Borat farmhand gets his first guitar and tries to copy MAYHEM. The guitar tone was just filthy and scratchy.

The vocal changed his voice to be the "12 YEAR OLD GIRL SHRIEKING BECAUSE OMG THERE GOES JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE WITH NO PANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" style – yes that is an entire genre of black metal.

Apparently he didn’t know that the only bands who sing in that style are bedroom-one-man-bands who are such losers even other black-metal nerds won’t form a band with them. I wanted to tell my man, "Dude, you HAVE a band. You have friends. You have some talent. You don’t need to sing like some tranny getting a gaff wedgie from Ben Grimm."

Still, dude’s performance was fun to watch. Only, why couldn’t he have had a Motown backup band? Imagine those screams over Sittin On The Dock Of The Bay or ABC123?





Japanese BM has traditionally been All About Cloaks. But no amount of cloaks could save this band.

I can explain why in three words:


I’m a grown-up man so I don’t really give a fuck about all this "Who is True and Kvlt?" debates. But still, there are lines.

Needless to say, they were terrible. The dude was all doing that "Inhale-scream" and trying to King Diamond as well. This was a boring band whose fans need to go back to watching anime.



From the vests, I thought they’d play good thrash but no. They were all about being fast, not being catchy or rhythmic. every damn riff was like :

E – – – G!

E- – – G!

E- – – G!


No cool breaks, no mosh parts. Just one-two drums and power chords that only went halfway up the neck. Even the shoes were wrong: They should have had skater shoes or puffy nikes with the tongues out.

When it comes to Thrash, I like shit like the intro to Jump In The Fire or Search and Destroy: actual notes that are catchy and a little technical. So that’s why i found ABIGAIL boring. Plus homey’s vest had a WHITESNAKE patch. OUTED!

I’ll say this in their defense, though: they DID get the pit going:




CATAPLEXY opened up with their usual song, titled, "YOU SHOULD OF MOVED TO OSAKA INSTEAD, SCHULTZ! TOKYO BANDS ARE FLACCID" And as usual, I kicked my own ass.

Maybe it was the superior sound system at KURAWOOD, but I felt like I could finally understand CATAPLEXY’S music. It’s based on chord progressions, rather than riffs. And not the fake-darkthrone FIFTH -TO-FLAT-SIXTH that any asshole can do. Real chords that are melodic and yet scary at the same time. This band just keeps getting better. Except they didn’t headbang. Must have had a case of the gout or something.


OK, that’s it for metal. Now get out of here, you posers!

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