Tokyo Damage Report

Blood Xmas gothic show.

2008 Dec 14@ Studio 326



It’s 4 pm in Tokyo, and already the goths are dancing. Not just dancing but singing along with United States Marine Corps slogans and the marching music known as ‘cadences.’ : some DJ had put on a record that sampled some cadences and all these kids in fishnets and eyeliner were trying to sing along.

On the flyer for this show, it said (in English): special 20-minute dj battle!

Now, I’ve heard of turntablists and hip-hop DJs battling – all trying to make a fool of the other guy, really serve him, scratching "Your mama" jokes on wax at each other, etc. I have never ever heard of a GOTHIC dj battle, so that was the main reason I wanted to go to this show.

Rose De Reficul Et Giggles


These guys always put on a show, but today was probably the best I’ve seen them so far. There still wasn’t plot or dialogue or any real attempt at cause and effect, but they had separate scenes with definable themes, which is a major step for them.

The themes of the first scene: animal masks, baloon popping, and everyone being tied together with a red ribbon.

scene 2: there’s moonwalking AND a clown gets executed.

scene three: a mass suicide (much hamming and extended dying), then there was a party which ended in tragedy, which tragedy consisted of peple making sad faces for no reason.

Above, the red ribbon and animals.

Spyglasses (right), murdered clown’s butt (center), gratuitous arias (left)

Oh, plus they had a rabbit with a Flavor Flav clock. . . . bringing some hip hop flavor to goth. Or is it the other way around? I wonder if Flavor was secretly paying homage to Alice and Wonderland?


Pudding alamode

This pop duo was kind of akiba-kei (Akihabara idol-singer style) . Despite being on the cover of the magazine which promoted the event, they only had written two songs. Puzzling.

Satan has a Myspace.

other site here.

Above, fans trying to make the "metal sign" but not really knowing what is up with that.

They play a musical style of "Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas meets Korn" . . . with the day glo colors and possibly the worst extensions i ever saw. However, the got the ladies moving more than any other band tonight, and no one was even drunk yet.

I discovered Science during the show: if you hold a baloon in your hands, it transmits the bass vibrations.


Above, the headbanging.

I spent most of the show trying to determine if their instruments were plugged in or just props.



Serienes is a pretty serious drag-queen who can sing opera with a 4-octave range. Probably closer to 5 octaves without the corset on. He’s really a realistic girl, except for the Hot Topic footgear.

Homey brought his own dancers – dressed in some approximation of an Egyptian harem. Although the singer was a sort of Dragon Lady / Chinese dominatrix, so I don’t know exactly what the theme was.

Then Sirenes brought a Marc Almond lookalike onstage for some boot-licking and riding-cropping. It was ok, but the real magic was watching all these uptight straight girls try to act calm (above).




I guess GPKism is run by the gentleman above – but the singer is an Australian queen who looks like Sousie Sioux. His singing is a little on the wack side. he can’t sing – doesn’t know when to switch between his regular and falsetto register. More to the point: he just stands there – he is not flamboyant or interested in busting moves. Compare THIS:

to this:

Anyway, I wonder what real drag queens (the lip-synch, pop-disco people) think of this kind of show? Where dudes in ladies’ clothing actually sing but just kind of stand there. Anyway, at least the baroque costumes go with the music: all the chord progressions are straight outta Bach.

But the synths they use are very hip-ten-years-ago eurobeat music. At first i thought, "that’s lame. These old dudes is showing their age. " Then i thought – "WAIT- their whole thing is being from old times. so maybe they are deliberately playing old-fashioned music – baroque – in a DIFFERENT BUT STILL OLD FASHIONED STYLE: retro-’90s disco."

if that is intentional, it would be the Artiest thing about tonight. Next up: playing grunge versions of tin pan alley tunes!

Also, the lead wig dude hella fell off stage. He tried to do a little catwalk thing and went over like Wile E. Coyote. He didn’t even care. He had total poise.



Another "AKIBA-kei" guy. His music was totally crazy spastic, break-core. He came out with 100 replica guns, and would fire a different one each song. Above, between his legs you can see his oxygen mask/squirter thing. He’d spend 10 seconds between each song comlaining how heavy all his SWAT team armor was, and huffing oxygen. NOt sure if that was part of the act, or just he is that big of a nerd. Honestly I have no idea what homey is about, but he seemed to have friends at the show.


These guys played the worst, most indistinct "Hard Rock" crap ever. Even weirder – they had fans in SSORC and BUTCHER ABC t-shirts.

But they looked like this:

They really put on a show, but they only played 2 notes. The best part was the fans:

This dude was going on the most insane shredding air-guitar solos the whole show.


Here he is (above) vying for precious space with the cameraman. The cameraman later shoved air-guitar guy out of the way to get a better shot. The air-guitar guy, bless his heart, interpreted the shove to mean, "Why don’t you go UP ON STAGE WHERE EVERYONE CAN SEE YOUR BLAZING LEADS."

here he is, standing directly in front of the singer, waggling his imaginary whammy bar. fucking brilliant! Every band should have an Andy Kaufman air-musician planted in the audience.

The camera guy himself was no joke. some big white girl was very drunk and trying to freak-dance with him and he just shoved HER out of the way to get a better angle of the band.


DJ Chihiro w/ freddy mercury microphone:

DJ Shisen


Below , the much-ballyhooed "DJ battle"

This being Japan, it was more of a 20-minute collaboration. They didn’t even declare a winner. Nobody got served.

Audience members / dancers:

The lady on the left was rad because she combined Gothic Lolita with ’50s poodle-skirt sock-hop chick.

The guy on the right is in SSORC, Tokyo’s most severe black metal band. I was suprised to see him here.

There were at least 4 girls all dressed up in this outfit: (above) (and below!)


Allright, kids. Later.

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