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Rad field trip!

Hella dudes is claiming to be the expert of Akihabara now – that ain’t me. I wanna be the King of OKACHIMACHI.. . .or at least AMEYOKO or HIGASHIUENO! That’s this neighborhood NEXT to Akihabara – between Akiba and Ueno. Full of old buildings : not just falling-down wrecks but the kind of old buildings that were once “really cutting-edge” ; a flashy ‘80s version of the future, now dilapidated and worn. But that’s ok, because this neighborhood has HUSTLE.

Most Tokyo people are a little tight-assed – they like money but they can’t HUSTLE. Hustle means like to cut corners, to improvise, be a little shady sometimes but always thinking of new shit to sell or new ways to sell it. In other words, improvising and changing fast – the things that Japanese education is famous for stomping out. But the HUSTLE lives on in neighborhoods like AMEYOKO. Even if it looks old or shabby, that just means people gotta hustle more to put food on the table, everyone’s grinding. KOUENJI also has hella old buildings, lots of small entrapaneurs and such, but it’s really laid-back over there; no one really gives a shit if you come to their little store. OKACHIMACHI is more like post-war Japan where everyone had to have some scams to get theirs. It’s more like a regular Asian country, I guess you could say – although the locals might not take it as a compliment!



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