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odd shaped bulidings

ODDLY SHAPED BUILDINGS. c This guy looks pretty normal, right? The external latticework is a bit weird, but nothing too wild. But look again: MOTHERFUCKER IS STRAIGHT HOVERIN!!!!   Above, the headquarters of a pachinko slot machine company. It looks like an Aztec pyramid meets a love hotel.         Above – the […]

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translation of Kobayashi Yoshinori’s manga: “Thou Shalt Be Pro-American!”

OK, I’m back with another Kobayashi Yoshinori translation. This time his targets are American unilateralism, obedient Japanese, and , as usual, his own pomposity (in this episode, he’s playing his Evil Pro-American Twin!) If you’re like me, the first thing you’ll notice is how dumb and basic his sarcasm is . . .but I’m pretty […]

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Kiss pachinko.

These are scans of a pamphlet that the pachinko machine company gives to pachinko parlor owners who are considering the purchase of a "CR KISS WORLD TOUR HR70Z2" unit. As far as I know , this game isn’t even out yet. So if there’s no updates for awhile, it means I’m in the trunk of […]

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