Tokyo Damage Report

Kiss pachinko.

These are scans of a pamphlet that the pachinko machine company gives to pachinko parlor owners who are considering the purchase of a "CR KISS WORLD TOUR HR70Z2" unit.

As far as I know , this game isn’t even out yet.

So if there’s no updates for awhile, it means I’m in the trunk of a large black sedan.

Here’s what the small English text says:

Quote From Paul Stanley: "From my first trip to Japan with KISS in 1977, I’ve always loved playing Pachinko and spend (sic) countless hours in the Pachinko parlors, particularly in Osaka. Our KISS Pachinko machine is our way of paying tribute to his great game and our great fans."

Got Gen (sic) Simmon’s (sic) Quote: "KISS PACHINKO!!! Four great reasons why this Pachinko game will be the coolest one ever made — The Demon, The Starchild, The Space man, The Cat Man. This is something we have always wanted to do and we are very excited. From KISS, to you, our fans."

1977 Japan tour notwithstanding, this 2008 game marks the 30TH ANNIVERSARY of KISS’ ascent to the TOP OF THE ROCK SCENE.

Did you know that this was an official holiday?

Basically it’s a regular pachinko machine, which means it has a ‘virtual slot machine’ installed inside of it.

The icons which rotate around on the slot machine are Kiss, and what appear to be some Pokemon, and an icon of a middle-aged lady (presumably the target demographic?)

There is also boasting of the FIRE MODE and the DEMON FIRE mode, which can only be unlocked by superior pachinko play. (bottom center)

It seems that if you win the slot machine game in regular mode, you are treated to a short animation of Gen (sic) Simmons,(lower-left corner). The subtitle reads: WOOOOAHHH!! And this animation, in turn, triggers the Fire Mode or whatever.

Additionally there is the JACKET MODE – (lower right corner) which is basically a variant of the slot-machine game, where KISS album covers spin round and you try to get all 3 to line up by wishing really hard.

Can we see the screen-shot closer?

Wait – did the artist deliberately turn Anime Gen Simmons’ "heavy metal" sign into a "Heil Hitler?"


Yes. Yes he did.


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  1. pudgym29 June 13th, 2013 8:18 pm

    [font=calibri] [color=#f5deb3] [size=12] Did this ever appear? <br /> Oh, and in case you didn't catch it, <a href=" ">they will tour Japan again this year</a>. [/size] [/color] [/font]

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