Tokyo Damage Report

odd shaped bulidings



This guy looks pretty normal, right? The external latticework is a bit weird, but nothing too wild.

But look again:



Above, the headquarters of a pachinko slot machine company. It looks like an Aztec pyramid meets a love hotel.





Above – the crazy quilt of agglutenated shit that all Tokyo buildings have on their sides . . .but it’s only when the building next door gets torn down that you can see it!

Below, a totally different building:

Seriously, every building has this going on, but it’s hidden.

Below, a random street south of Shibuya:

This security camera is not the police. The cable connects to a bar, off to the right. WTF? It’s a regular bar that spies on the everyone on the sidewalk.

Is that allowed?

Above, the giant UFOs on top of Shibuya station.

Below – a canal – all that remains of a natural river that runs through Tokyo:

This sight is sufficiently surreal that – while i was taking this picture – a regular Japanese guy came up and started shooting it too!


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