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Japanese ‘reverse thesaraus’

I started a Wiki to help people who are studying Japanese. I’m trying to help with a specific problem; Say you’re reading some Japanese and you come to a word you don’t know (i.e. 負ける)and you look it up in your dictionary, and your dictionary says ‘it means lose or fail’.  But you already know […]

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 updated, shortened, and slightly proofread 11/29/2009   I teach you the kanji real good. Introduction – why most kanji books are terrible. kanji – what it is, and why it is hard. how to learn it – the ‘kanjidamage’ method of study. kanji dictionary– applying the method to 1,750(ish) kanji. appendixes – they exist now. […]


hentai dictionary

Japanese perversions, fetishes and AV slang     INTRODUCTION This is a list of sub-genres of Japanese porn, not a list of dirty words. also, i stopped updating it in 2004. Japanese people are stereotyped as being uncreative and lacking in originality. The most common image of a japanese man is a 'salariman' in a […]

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spotted recently in craigslist

posted to the Castro district?!?? yeah, especially when there are so many single guys around that area. They obviously work out a lot and dress well. . .You’d think they’d of found a nice lady already. Spread the venom Hide Sites



you be the judge!!!       below – the store signs are wider then the building!! these spectacularly narrow buildings are called PET ARCHITECTURE. They are a defining characteristic of urban Japan, – wedging buildings into the most tiny, leftover scraps of land. And they supposedly come from a traditional custom of a parent […]

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I think we all suspected this. . .

  ladies and gentlemen, may i present Miss Justine Timberlake. courtesty of japan’s JUICY magazine. also noteworthy: the article was titled (in english) "guys that make girls go WHOOOOOOOO." i guess Justine is going whoooooo for someone named mando diao? Spread the venom Hide Sites

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engrish blah blah

samurai Easy Rider     "on that airplane, the broken destruction has already been measured!!!"     basement jaxx world tour. coming to a town near you.     Noam Chomsky in the Juvenile Fiction section at Tower records, Shibuya.   speaking of icons, has anyone noticed that Achewood’s TODD SQUIRREL looks exactly like the […]

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random weird photos from around the way

here i am trying to thump my futon with the futon-thumping-broom and this guy was all like "fuck that! I’m lurking here!" But in all seriousness, here is the BEST SPAM I EVER GOT: remember, friends, this is unsolicited testimony. TDR worked for mr. Vong, and it can work for you too!   below, random […]

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vehicles, sex, and korean batman, that is.   is he on tour here now??     never. leave. the. house.without. your . camera. EVER> delivery bike in front of Shinjuku Library.     the ‘inter wolf’ bike       no comment. ‘big boy’ condoms "dethmor" mouse spray. JUMBO SEALED ASS FROG STYLE vending machine. […]

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more Engrish store signs.

engrish store signs in NAKANO AND KOUENJI octopus army, nakano Gut Jewelry in Nakano     Natty Imp*s in Kouenji Kouenji   engrish stores in ODAIBA. O.D.E.: the spirit of oddity. at a science show in odiba     Also at the science show   Odaiba’s B.M. shop.         stores in shibuya/harajuku, […]

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engrish SIGNS

ENGRISH SIGNS AND ADVERTISEMENTS PAGE ONE i have been waiting a really long time to finally see this sign. it’s like you’re not really an ‘engrish collector’ until you have taken this picture.     flyer for punk show.         billboard by my house. what i love about this is that it […]


engrish SHIRTS

p>engrish t-shirts. page one   you thought i forgot about engrish shirts?       i almost voided myself when i saw homey in the picture below. it’s, like, what is wrong with this picture? it’s like, ‘my grandpa killed 400 Yankees and all i got was this lousy. . .’ anyway. shirts from Shibuya’s […]

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