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Pop star or male hooker?

yan yan magazine

these pictures come from YAN YAN. YAN YAN, as I have said before, is one of the most hilarious things ever: a huge magazine full of nothing but classified ads from bars who want to recruit whores. it’s not porn– it’s totally businesslike. the issue of YAN YAN which i have, is all about MALE whores. My friend said that most Japanese guys don’t want a prostitute girlfriend, so the ‘hostesses’ get all lonely and frustrated . . . and they are some of the best customers of the host-boys??? I don’t know about that, but these guys ARE amazing!! they all look like pop stars or something. . . . they have the same, long, blonde, spiky hair and thin, young bodies and feminine pouts.

what’s weird is that these androgynous, femmey pop stars and hookers are trying to appeal to a FEMALE audience. whereas the tokyo GAY guys like really RUGGED, lumberjack-looking guys! what the hell is up with that??

anyway, i was so intrigued by this i decided to invent ANOTHER little game, which i call…

Pop star or male hooker?


it’s simple to play. . . just make your best guess, then check the bottom of the page for the answer.






5 –

6 –


7 –


8 –

9 –

10 –

11 –

12 –


13 –




pop star: 2,5,7,9.

hoe: 1,4,6,8,10,13

big FAT hoe: 3,12

both: 11

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