Tokyo Damage Report

Manga sound effects.


One of the things that disturbs and amuses foreigners new to japan is the SOUND EFFECTS of their comic books.

The Japanese manga industry created tons of sound effects for things that are normally soundless. It seems silly at first , right? But think about it: Even though we all KNOW that there’s no sound in outer space, Star Wars just wouldn’t have been popular if there weren’t loud-ass explosions, right? It just feels more satisfying to have a Death Star go KABOOM, even though it defies all laws of physics. So, Japanese comics are just doing the same thing. . . using sounds to add emphasis to actions which might otherwise not catch the reader’s attention. Still, if you’re like me, you will ask yourself, ‘HOW THE HELL DO THEY DECIDE WHAT A WET VAGINA SHOULD SOUND LIKE??’

Take this handy quiz, and see if you can . . .



BUCHAN penis going up a butt
NYARUUU penis coming out of a butt
BIGU BIGU penis being sqooshed between 2 bodies
KORI KORI pre-cum forming on the tip of the glans
CHOBO vigorous blowjob
RARO penis being yanked
BERO fist groping around inside a colon
GUI penis bumping against resistant sphintcer
BYU ejaculation
TORO TORO nipple being twisted
BURUN plug suddenly popping out of a butt
JURU sphincter slowly closing after plug has popped out
BUCHU spihincter being opened with thumbs
GUPU! fist being suddenly inserted
GUGUGU nipple being licked
. GUPO fist being withdrawn from colon
DOPU alien creature shoving oversized alien vibrator into victim


Yes, all the sound effects here are taken from hardcore gay porn.

so if you get stumped by the quiz, just grab your hairy, sweaty partner and use the heuristic method. For those of you who don’t speak Greek (or Latin for that matter), I’m talking about trial and error: try this at home and see if you can generate the appropriate sounds yourself. If – despite hours of diligent homosexual effort – you still can’t make the sound, please email the magazine at and complain about their unrealistic sounds. (FORWARD ME A COPY TOO!)

answers : ,

to find the answers is really simple — just match the COLOR of the sound effect to the COLOR of the action.

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