Tokyo Damage Report

engrish SIGNS


i have been waiting a really long time to finally see this sign.

it’s like you’re not really an ‘engrish collector’ until you have taken this picture.



flyer for punk show.





billboard by my house. what i love about this is that it seems to be a PRO=tobacco ad.

huh??? the sands of time are running out if you smoke. . . so you better smoke faster, fool!!




yes, the Amusement Park Robot IS shooting a roller-coaster out of his crotch. his girlfriend is firing TWO coasters out of. . . where exactly???




moses, parting the red sea. . . of cheese?? does Primus know about this??

fuck, you thought toilets would NOT have their own mascots over here??



an average flyer for a heavy metal band, no?


what ?????????????????????????????????????????

i saw a t-shirt in a crowded mall, and by the time i got my camera out, homey had disappeared. but i was so amazed by the shirt i re-made the design on my PC:


rockabilly Kitty


mean, dont-park-here kitty



gangsta santa samurai?????

fuck,i love this country.


some graffitti guy in Harajuku:

his tag is SARS.


kids painting happy trees and smiling faces and. . .

Godzilla killing everyone?

MAIM bridal salon, Ogikubo


"oriental building" in Roppongi

so, is this politically correct??

(btw, the japanese characters on the doors also say ‘oriental building’)

Hello Elephant, Takadanobaba




first, here’s a live jazz club called ‘LIVE-IN BUDDY’. do the village people play here often?

also, this:



now if they sell sake at the SAKE-YA, and they sell books at the HON-YA, what do you suppose they sell HERE??


ENGRISH OF THE DAY: restaraunt in Ikebukuro.

Insert your own ‘seafood’ joke here.

I am SO not making this up. click the photo to go to their website. . .




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  1. Sterile February 25th, 2011 8:47 pm

    Dude! "No People" is an old school punk band that I met when they were touring LA (I think they were staying here for a while too)! When I was a punk singer (oxymoron?), I got to play with them in a backyard show in Watts that we threw to raise money for some cop fine… used to have dude's number, but they went back to Japan. Dude's name was Jin I believe… that was back in 2000/2001! What a small world!

  2. Sterile February 27th, 2011 2:10 pm

    Hey, bro, I found their site:
    Garage thrashy old school style punk hardcore (or whatever, stupid sub-genres!).

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