Tokyo Damage Report

more Engrish store signs.

engrish store signs in NAKANO AND KOUENJI

octopus army, nakano

Gut Jewelry in Nakano



Natty Imp*s in Kouenji



engrish stores in ODAIBA.

O.D.E.: the spirit of oddity.

at a science show in odiba



Also at the science show


Odaiba’s B.M. shop.





stores in shibuya/harajuku, page TWO

Let(s keep things friendly for our own good, shibuya/harajuku




Harajuku’s Itarian Viking!


and of course, the grand prize winner is, without a doubt:

a-titty wedding and party and space.

is that p-diddy’s new hoe?

me and my friend were so intrigued we had to go up to the fifth floor just to ask the staff what the name meant. he said ‘tittyboo’ is the ‘sound of happiness’ in japanese but my other japanese friends deny this. find out for yourself by going to, where else, WW

engrish stores in shibuya/harajuku, page ONE


derriere, shibuya

it’s funny because he’s napping.



Sexual Harassment Corporation in SHibuya


Sad Cafe, with UNHAPPY hour . . .SHibuya




American Superiority Warehouse, Harajuku/Shibuya (near Pink Dragon)


stores in shinjuku, part ONE


mysterious, shinjuku


Hobbit in shinjuku




ass building.; shinjuku


gaze upon the love hotel WHITE HOUSE: $40 for an hour of sex, $,60 overnight.

make your own Clinton joke.


Theater Brats, in shinjuku



Around the SHoes, Shinjuku


Gun? No more gun??






Next to URB; shinjuku kabukicho





SHinjuku 2-chome


LSD brothel in kabukicho


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