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April fool’s Engrish!

  This is funny in two ways: 1) barbarian pumpkin scone! 2) whoever wrote this was a Japanese that DIDN’T SPEAK JAPANESE! See, there’s two ebisus: 恵比寿 (a Shinto god of wealth and commerce) and 夷 (barbarian). A simple Google search confirmed my suspicions: there’s only 3 hits for 夷かぼちゃ and hundreds for 恵比寿かぼちゃ. So, clearly there […]


west tokyo graffitti part FOUR: ookubo

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west tokyo graffitti part THREE: Kouenji!!

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Kylesa (USA), birushanah (from OSAKA), Church of Misery @ Earthdom

 CHURCH OF MISERY AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH shit! Church Of Misery is back with their old singer, Mr. Negishi. Dudes in audience was like:   Deeeyammnn!!   Negishi went hella wild –   I saw Mr. Man before the show and he was barely able to stand – all ‘wall walking’ to the bar to get more Demon […]

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KOGAL interview.

  There used to be 1,000,000 identically dressed kogals in Tokyo, now there are 5 left, and they keep them in a museum.  Where did the rest go? It turns out that  one of my friends was one – I  had known her for over a year and would never have guessed she used to […]


TDR reviews the most popular foreigner-in-japan blogs

That’s right, I’m starting shit. I’m sick of blogs that have nothing to say, but a million ways of publicizing it. "Yeah, I got a 300-site blogroll, state-of-the-art search-engine optimization, track-backs, click-offs, stat-hitters, Delicious, Twitter, Digg, Buzz, Butt, Phwat, Groink, Muhh, Pthh, Bthth, and Duh!"   In fact, I was so busy updating, networking, and […]


Dogs and Bitches

I had an amazing experience on the beach in San Francisco.   I packed a rad lunch, went to the beach, found a cool spot, took off my shoes, and began to chill. Of course you know some shit went down! It wasn’t enough that it rained almost every day of my vacation, and it […]


west tokyo graffitti TWO : harajuku

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West Tokyo graffitti part one: daikanyama

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