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Kylesa (USA), birushanah (from OSAKA), Church of Misery @ Earthdom


AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH shit! Church Of Misery is back with their old singer, Mr. Negishi.

Dudes in audience was like:




Negishi went hella wild –


I saw Mr. Man before the show and he was barely able to stand – all ‘wall walking’ to the bar to get more Demon Juice.

I was like, "Is this going to be one of those shows that lasts half a song?"

But shit was thorough. Shit was brung!


Homey was all throwing guitar stands, beer crates, anything he could get his hands on , into the audience.






All walking on the roof like the Stupid Babies Go Mad guy-

And finishing things off with a nice Heil Hitler.


Above, here he is in the center of the crowd, with his hair going the other way:



First of all:  STAINLESS STEEL, MIRRORED, FRETLESS BASS NECK being FINGERTAPPED. Les Claypool, eat your heart out.

They had this drummer: Mr. Sexy Moustache.

Then they had an old-school industrial, Einstruxzxzxe Neubauten / Beat Nigs / Sharkbait-style drummer.

Dude was playing on pots, pans, hella beer kegs, and not one but TWO 50-gallon drums.

It looked hella impressive, but frankly all the drums sounded the same. He could have just packed 2 drums and saved the hassle.

the thing you got to understand about Rosh Hashana is, they’re taking deep, pagan, Shinto, occult, living-in-the-woods Japanese folk melodies and melding them with NEUROSIS-style tribal metal sludge. That’s their deal.

If that sounds too good to be true, it is.

I really want to like Brush Havana because they are so deep and uncompromising, but their shit is all OVERPLAYED. That is to say, everyone plays too many notes and progs out too much and they are all in each others’ way – too many chefs spoiling the pagan,neurosis soup, if you will.  The bass is finger-tapping the whole show – every riff is too complex to be tribal or catchy-  and to make matters worse,  the "regular" drum guy, instead of playing accents, tries to duplicate ALL the bass notes. The "industrial" drummer just plays constant 16th notes no matter what anyone else is playing. the guitar was too distorted for me to even attempt to critique it.

Then there was THIS motherfucker:





That’s right: traditional Japanese TYCO.



 These guys are ANOTHER 2-drummer band, from the USA.



They had good tattoos and headbangs, and played decent ‘heavy rock’ or whatever you call it. They were playing riffs and solos and stuff. It wasn’t bad, but there was nothing really "double-guitar, double-vocal, double-drumkit" about the songs. No tribal drumbeats, no MAIDEN harmony leads, no doo-wop harmony vocals. They practically had two damn bands in there-  it’s like they had a million possibilities that they didn’t even use. I dunno. . .

If it was me, partner, I would have had one drumkit with tiny drums and a picolo snare, and the other with all big drums and a 12" deep snare – totally different sounds. Same with the guitars and the vocalists – one low and one high pitched. Everything totally panned to either the left or right.  And then played some ‘power violence’ style music-  where the riffs of the song alternate between slllloowww – FAST , slloooow- FAST- and the different riffs are played by the different ‘bands’. Rad!


Or, even better, you could have some shit where they play a traditional song – "hard day’s night" or "mandy" or "on top of old smokey" or whatever, but one band is very quiet/feeble and the other band is all broootal. And only one band can be playing at one time – and then you get a CONDUCTOR up there who randomly alternates the bands, in the middle of the riffs – in the middle of the notes, even.


And don’t even get me started about all the NAKED CITY – type madness that a "double-band" could get into.

But instead, we just got heavy rock.  By itself it was cool enough, I guess. but when you compare it to all the other possibilites, it’s hard to be satisfied with heavy rock.





But they DO have an *ocd* pedal . . .


And Watchmen’s Alan Moore on guitar – and the whole time i thought Moore was in The Sinister Ducks!

The drummers were hella tight, though. Totally in synch and having fun. But they weren’t playing interesting beats. If there’s 2 drummers in the damn band they should do like the drummers in old HAWKWIND and just take over, outvote everyone.

Let the fuckin’ DRUMMERS write all the songs, man.

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