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Unit 731 walking tour of Ookubo!

Back in March,  we went on a walking tour. This wasn’t a regular cherry-blossoms-and-kimonos tourist shit. This was a tour of Japanese war crimes. Dr. Menegle type stuff that went down less than a mile from Shinjuku Station. We walked from Ookubo to Waseda university. It turns out that even though I’d lived in this […]


un – EFFING – believable

FRIDAY APRIL 24 Un fuckin’ believeable. Wake up and turned on the ol’ Internet radio, only to get this message: “HA, this site is no longer free! You want to hear Chezchnian rappers, you have to pay money from now!” OK, whatever, Sergi.   Then I check my website. My account has been suspended. Naturally […]


Japan sizes of food

 Japan is kind of famous for doing things in a very small, precise, detail-oriented way: bansai trees, little-ass gundams, purikura, laquer wood products, and crazy-fine textiles. Fine. But. What about normal foods, but sold in tiny amounts? Like, so small that that amount is only found in Japan? Like: Not only is it individually wrapped, […]


I’m trying out for a job at fox news!!!

OK! So, Americans are very upset about gay marriage. But I’ve discovered something even more sinful- a shocking combination of incest, child molestation, fisting, and even skull-fucking. Something so disgusting and perverse that even though it’s all around us, we don’t allow ourselves to notice it or fight back . I’m speaking, of course, of […]


west toyo graffitti part SIX: shinjuku

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west tokyo graffitti part 7: takeshita-dori.

harajuku’s Takeshita dori area, plus "under a bridge"-style.   Spread the venom Hide Sites

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I’m attempting some sociology!

  classid=”clsid:38481807-CA0E-42D2-BF39-B33AF135CC4D” id=ieooui> I make a pretty good effort to NOT post opinions about Japanese society: instead, I just post actual Japanese stuff and let it speak for itself. I’ve read a lot of those books about “Japan is this” and “Japan is that” and some are good, but most are kind of patronizing and […]


west tokyo graffitti part FIVE: shibuyaaaa

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