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urban decay!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Tokyo is a pretty clean city, so it’s fun to discover dark corners. I first became obsessed with filthy textures while I was out taking pictures of graffitti- there were some spots where stickers had been applied and torn off and re-applied so many times, the  resulting archaeological layers of schmutz were more interesting than […]


mayday / constitution day demos.

  MAY DAY DEMONSTRATIONS:   May first was May Day, an international workers’ holiday. Myself, I’m a lazy bum whose hands are as un-callused as the pirenium of a newborn, but I went anyway. I didn’t really know where the May Day demo was scheduled, so I just looked for plainclothes police:     Once […]


nueva etika, thorn, blood calls we die, pasqua, loyal to the grave @hatsudai wall

  STRAIGHT-EDGE HARDCORE  – excuse me, I mean HAWD COAH NIGHT @ HATSUDAI WALL. Sat march 9th.   I’m not really familiar with this style of rock music, so I don’t know if this was a typical show or not. There seemed to be a lot of dudes drinking, for one thing. Also, the audience […]


Which is dream and which is hallucination?

  OK, here’s two things I wrote last week. One of them is an actual dream I had, the other is an epic ‘flight of fancy’ that I had while taking my father-in-law’s prescription meds in the tub.     The challenge for you guys is: guess which one is which.   THE ORACLE   […]