Tokyo Damage Report

more architecture 東京の特徴建築まだ来たぁぁ~!

 Allright  now. I’m going to start posting more often. But for right now. . . it’s  more of this stuff:

above: crazy door sculpture. below: the whole house:

it was madd philthy, like it was specificially designed to be the first house to revert back to jungle nature in the event of an apocalypse. (you can spot the sculpture down at the bottom)


below:  another of those pyramidal, fortress-like apartment shapes so unique to this part of the world:

below: what looks like a regular building, right?

below: same building, side view:

oohhhh shiiittttt we’re in Tokyo!

below, kind of a shitty photograph, which I’m including just because it depicts a cool phenomenon:


the river has been coated with cement on the bottom, left, AND right sides. This is normal for Tokyo. what is really pushing this the extra mile is: they put a pre-fab building on TOP of it as well! Go ahead, take a second look.

Below: my one attempt at taking a  ‘pretty’ picture:

river under a freeway.

below: tiny shrine in vacant lot.

below: 2-dimensional Wall Street:

below: cityscape

below: monolithic bond-villain complex:

below: modern ziggurat:

below: building under constrction

I don’t know if they do this where YOU’RE from, but here they put up these little ‘modesty screens’ around houses, like the gauzy hospital gowns that patients wear. These modesty screens are usually a utilitarian grey, but this one company uses a canary yellow.

bonus: can you spot the old-lady chameleon whose own yellow trench-coat is blending into her natural environment?



below: one of my favorite skylines:  West shinjuku as seen from Ookubo station platform. even more jumbled than regular tokyo!

Please click on the thumbnail below to see the big version of the picture.

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  2. JapanSoc June 24th, 2009 3:09 pm

    Weird Architecture of Japan…

    Gallery of various architecture that is unique to Japan….

  3. statiq July 5th, 2009 11:36 am

    check out my friend joel’s site, he did that series on harajuku rooftops… Reminded my of the kind of stuff you shoot (toybox-like architecture):

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