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department H @ Tokyo Kinema Club

This event took place on July 4th. While you foolish Americans were eating tubs of fireworks deep-fried in mayonaise, I was seeing naked jellyfish-women fighting crab-monsters at  DEPARTMENT H  – (a monthly  fetish party for middle-aged Tokyoites.  It’s kind of a exhibitionists-vs.-voyeurs battle where everyone wins. . . . if you’d like to go, the website […]


axeweild, el nudo, turtle island, cheerio, no think @ 20000v

july 4th, 2008   (where possible, the band-names are a link to their respective sites)  turtle island turtle island were fucking nuts. I can’t believe i had never heard of them. They had ten people! Western drums, japanese (tyko) drums, a gong -player (!!), some other percussions, a stand-up base and a fuckin’ flautist. Oh […]


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  sorry about that! Me and my pal MGDR are trying to give this website an actual ‘design’ and so it’ll probably be broken from time to time while we do things. anyway, wish us luck.   p.s. anybody know how to get a post’s tags to display at the bottom/top of each post? Spread […]



BITCH SHIFTER OVERDRIVE VOL.1 MARCH 15TH@KOUENJI ROOTS   SITHTHER Sithther (an unfortunate combination of ‘The Sith’ and ‘sister’) play a fairly original style of rock music.  Maybe it’s more useful to say they have around 4 styles:  heavy, slow, mathy, odd-metered prog, psychedelic (everyone has like 30 pedals), and yelly heavy metal that sounds like […]


magma at May 20th, 2009 @ shibuya on-air west.

  Behold the power of Magma: Old guy with bib overalls singing opera in a made-up language, on a street corner = homeless. Same guy with a virtuoso band, in a Japanese theater: $48,000 a night.   Magma is one of those bands. For fourty damn earth-years, they’ve been playing the weirdest prog-rock/jazz/opera ever. Plus […]


Cemetary Crows

  Yanaka Cemetary, near Nishi-Nippori: it’s not only a  home to dead Shoguns and spooky cats. (and more spooky cats!) They also got  HELLA MORBID CROWS ALL GETTING EDGAR ALLAN POE ON YOUR ASS! These are old photos – taken April, 2004 – which I’m (ahem) exhuming for this occasion. all like if you mixed […]