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Sithther (an unfortunate combination of ‘The Sith’ and ‘sister’) play a fairly original style of rock music.  Maybe it’s more useful to say they have around 4 styles:  heavy, slow, mathy, odd-metered prog, psychedelic (everyone has like 30 pedals), and yelly heavy metal that sounds like neurosis but terrible, and grindcore. I tend to like the proggy stuff myself.


dot (.)


 I’ve already done a million posts about dot, but here’s some pictures:




Funeral Moth plays unbelievably slow music. They make CATACOMBS and MO$$ look like the Toy Dol$$.

They’re also really terrible, with a thin sound and utterly inept musicianship. You’d think with an average time of 4 minutes between notes that they’d have time to get prepared, but no. On a good day they can play a note within 4 seconds of each other, and be within 2 notes of the same pitch.

Basically they are noteworthy because the drummer is EXACTLY me in junior high school:

I’m not making a metaphor here. He looks like I did on a cell-for-cell basis. Maybe that’s why he’s so bummed and doomy.

I’m thinking there  must be a Wizard’s curse involved.

Also, the bassist has a 6-string bass, the completely wrong instrument for this style of music:

I think he uses exactly one string.




死人花 (shibitobana)

 Shibitobana – at first I thought it was just a visual pun based on the fact that the kanji for death 死 and flower  花 look similar. But apparently it’s a famous horror novel or something?

I’m sure some internet-comments guy will set me straight about that. Anyway SHIBITOBANA is the new brainchild of Ms. Yukimi from the inimitable KERUPINO.


SHIBITOBANA basically plays improvised doom/grind, with a keyboard/sampler, guitar, drums, and Yukimi’s death-voice.

Yukimi’s collaborator – a stuffed frog – doesn’t share vocal duties (as in KERUPINO), but he’s still there to oversee the proceedings.

Half way through the show, Yukimi transforms into some sort of s/m creature: as always, it causes a level of discomfort amongst the audience, even her close friends. The artistic portion of the show is the ambiguity: does she know? Is it intentional? Is it supposed to be sexy or  off-putting? Or just pervy for the sake of pervy? Anyway I had plenty of time to ponder these thoughts.





they understand what 99% of grind bands don’t :

the important thing to rip off of NAPALM DEATH:SCUM is NOT the shitty metal riffs and chugging.

The important thing to rip off is TEN SECOND SONGS.

That’s why i can’t usually stand grind: songs are too long and too metal. The whole distinction between grind and death metal always struck me as being pedantic and stupid.

Like I give a shit!

Anyway, DXIXEX has the drummer from COCK PUSSY SUCKERS, who plays blast-beats standing up and rolling his eyes back in his head.

The man is a genius, easily the best drummer in Japan.

The guitarist has a denim vest with carpenter’s nails poking up from the shoulders like eaptulets.

You can see the frog in the lower left corner cheering him on.

The vocalist is a cheerful lass, who conducts the proceedings in high spirits, and seems very casual about the mayhem she is causing.


Anyway, DXIXEX play some of the fastest, shortest songs ever. They care more about jumping around and putting on a show than they do about hitting all the right notes.

That is just another reason why "regular" grind sucks. Regular grind is dudes who don’t move because they are trying to be all technical and hit the right notes. Not only is it boring to watch but they use so much distortion that even if they DO hit the right notes you can’t tell.   every band named DISGORGED  is like this.

anyway go see DXIXEX they are insane and genius and they get the crowd moving.

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  1. LadyScorpion July 22nd, 2009 9:21 am

    Great article! By change do you know if DXIXEX has a Space or website cause I can’t find anything on the web. Thanks in advance!

  2. admin July 22nd, 2009 4:19 pm

    @ladyscorpion: click their name on my report to go to their site. glad you liked it!

  3. kisoku July 23rd, 2009 5:18 pm

    Dang. I initially didn’t notice this show happened in March.

    Do you know if Sithter are still around. I had heard their drummer bailed on them.

  4. catoneinutica July 25th, 2009 8:36 pm

    Jes’ curious…what’s the typical funk level at these events? The olifactory, not the aural, funk.

  5. Sarah August 5th, 2009 1:43 am

    I think the drummer from DXIXEX might be a kobold!

  6. Sarah August 5th, 2009 1:43 am

    Also, if I tried to pronounce DXIXEX I fear it would come out ‘dick-sex.’

  7. admin August 5th, 2009 10:13 am

    @sarah: first of all, your name in japanese is サラーちゃん。
    Second of all, thanks for your comments! You are one of the wittiest motherfuckers who has opinions of my website.
    Third: Perhaps you should not make fun of DxIxEx. They are without a doubt one of the only bands in Tokyo to destroy the gender barriers of patriarchy. I know it’s the internet and you are probably a dude, but still, even dudes can benefit from bullshit gender barriers being smashed by PURE PUNK ROCK ENERGY IN YOUR FACE LIKE BOOOOYA.

    p/s/ BOOOYAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I will go to bed now before my drunk-netting gets me in any more trouble than it already has.

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