Tokyo Damage Report

axeweild, el nudo, turtle island, cheerio, no think @ 20000v

july 4th, 2008


(where possible, the band-names are a link to their respective sites)

 turtle island

turtle island were fucking nuts. I can’t believe i had never heard of them.

They had ten people! Western drums, japanese (tyko) drums, a gong -player (!!), some other percussions, a stand-up base and a fuckin’ flautist.

Oh and crazy heavy guitars. The sound was tribal if tribal didn’t suck. It was like nobody out on Turtle Island ever got the memo that tribal stuff was embarassing and hippy and had a bunch of tattoos that got played out in 1991. The seal delivering that memo to the island got devoured en route (by turtles?!?) so this band kept playing tribal shit that was good.

Mostly it is good because of 4 reasons: 1) folk melodies played heavy. that is almost a sure-fire sign of a hit band.

2) people in the band jump around like crazy. The african-drum guy, in particular, was in the crowd, on the ceiling, doing backflips.

3) as if 10 band-members weren’t enough, they also had CONFEDERATES IN THE CROWD that would dance or throw confetti at certain prescribed moments.

confederates-in-the-crowd is one of those things, like having 2 singers, that is so simple, easy, and rewarding that you wonder why ALL bands don’t do it just on GP.

4) They had call-and-response chanting. (see 3 above)

DRUMZZZ!! the tyco guy – left – had an excellent "pink mohawk-freddy m. moustache"-COMBO  that would have been enough by itself , but he was also a bodybuilder who bashed the fuck out of a drum that was as big as he was. The african-drum-dude (right) was the guy what spent most of the show airborne.

not one but two people play gongs! (above)

reed instruments! you weren’t expecting reeds and horns too, were you? that’s because you weren’t hip to TURTLE FUCKING ISLAND AND THE WAY IT IS BRUNG BY THEM.

Most of their lyrics had to do with third-world liberation. I think.

finally, here’s more of this guy, because he was so fuckin’ rad:


!el nudo!

el nudo brought more of their lucha-libre-themed powerviolence to the stage. I’ve already written about them before, so this time it’s just pictures:


their 10-song  set was over in like 6 minutes.




Alliance played very generic hard rock. they are mostly members of other punk/metal/crust bands in town, so i guess that is how they got their name.




CHEERIO (named after a children’s sweet beverage) is the singers from NO THINK, who formed a new band. The music is less power-violence than NOTHINK, and a bit more rock-n-roll, but these photos show how they move the crowd:

These guys are not twins, by the way. Just good friends.

Shirts come off.

I think the above photos show the effect of shirts-come-off and how it energizes the crowd.

When these guys come into the audience, everyone gets a little helping of sweat.

A gentle film.

A thin patina of souvinier perspiration.

 cheerio are fucking catchy.

It’s not just the sexiest near-twin sumo dudes, it’s also about the music.

The songs stick in your head the way the member-sweat sticks to your clothes.

It’s a perfect combinationSEE THIS BAND.




I guess the old singers of NOTHINK are still on good terms with the band, because they played together!

NOTHINK  has a new singer – Phil Anselmo.

Imagine the Pantera guy singing for NO COMMENT and you have 99% a good idea of what NOTHINK is about for the ought-neener.

also , and this is something i am really angry i did not get  a good picture of : the most interesting thing about this was the singer’s crotch tattoo, which you can kind of see coming up from his pants in the above photo. I am 90% sure it is TWO SNAILS FACING APART.


i so totally want to believe this, but given how terrible the entire rest of this body art is, i really can’t believe he would get something as comparatively genius as  snails scooting accross the well-trimmed lawn of his pubic hair. 

anyway if you’ve taken a shower with the Japanese Phil Anselmo, please email me and confirm or deny my theory.


That’s a good boy.




AXEWEILD was – i remember thinking that they would be corny by looking at them – some played out motorhead clone of 40 year olds.


i was just wrong as hell. they were AWESOME.

Nothing special, mind you, but so primitive and groovey – the whole song would be one riff. total neanderthal metal.


The chorus is the same riff but with double kick drums. that is the core fundamentals of the AXEWEILD  sound.

I guess if you’re drunk and tired, seeing a band that settles into a really repetitive groove at a perfect head-banging tempo, for 30 minutes is the perfect way to wind up an evening.

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  1. TRex July 25th, 2009 11:34 am

    Your club coverage gives me an embolism every time! Latvia won’t throw sweat beads on your camera lens but Moscow might!

  2. TRex July 25th, 2009 11:35 am

    The site is looking good as well. Also.

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