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insane English textbook

 eigo juuyou koubun 400 (Important english grammar 400) HOW TO WRITE AN ENGLISH TEXTBOOK: 1) teach idioms popular during the reign of Queen Victoria, and . . . 2) cram each sentence full of idioms until it becomes profoundly weird. 3) involve native English speakers in the production of the book, but never give them […]


cps, cunts JAPAN, coffins, carre, sine, hardcore dude, hair stylistics

 August 21 @ 20000V. "WET PUSSY GETS WILD"  show, put on by Cunts Japan.      CARRE  Carre played noise – a mix of harsh ‘power electronics’ and blissed-out ambient whooshy stuff.  Always kept a really low-pitched oscilator going as a foundation, which is the kind of noise I like.  Their set slowly segued from […]


‘pantsu kissa’ CHIRARISUMU

OK. Maybe you heard about the  "No-underpants Coffee-houses" that Japan had back in the economic boom times of the late-’80s/early-’90s. The good news is, they didn’t die out when the bubble burst. They just got smaller, cheesier, and dirtier. . . . The bad news is, in today’s grim economic climate, seeing the  vaginas  of […]


late summer ENGRISH

 FIrst of all – welcome to the magical musical world of DICK MINE.   DICK MINE (ディック 三根) was a pop singer of the 1930s. You can find more videos HERE. Cole Porter was always trying to hang around the dude. Anyway, next.   above, a banner: THIS MONTH IS ‘ANTI-ILLEGAL-IMMIGRANT-LABORERS-COUNTERMEASURES-MONTH in 3-foot-high letters. The banner was […]


the distressed pylons of Shirokane

 On Aug 4th, I biked to the Meguro Nature Study Garden (something I’d reccomend to everyone) On the way, I passed these amazing, decayed pylons (traffic cones) – the decay made weird patterns that seemed more like modern art than anything else:     Spread the venom Hide Sites

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4SPiKES, rough stuff, no futures, pigfood, 00 squad @ waseda zone-b

This show took place on Monday, July 20, 2009 – 梅の日 (National Ocean Day) at WASEDA ZONE-B, without a doubt the most smoky, tabacco-filled, polluted, no-ventilation-havin’ club in all of Tokyo, which is saying something.  Short of having a show inside of a giant cigarette, or having SKREWDRIVER play a re-union gig inside of a […]


new tokyo tour guide.

  Instead of sleeping for three days, I updated the fuck out of my tokyo tour guide: 6 new stores. Icons. actual formatting and graphic design. web-links to most stores. addresses for most stores. Still no spell-check. Maybe later. please check it out. the link is usually at the verrrrry top of this page – […]


new Japan link roundup

(we’re still working on the CSS code, so the links are the same color as the uh the regular text. Some might say that this is not the best time to post a link-roundup. Bah! Just move your mouse around and wait for some text to change color. MOVE THE MOUSE, PEOPLE IT IS NOT […]

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