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4SPiKES, rough stuff, no futures, pigfood, 00 squad @ waseda zone-b

This show took place on Monday, July 20, 2009 – 梅の日 (National Ocean Day)

at WASEDA ZONE-B, without a doubt the most smoky, tabacco-filled, polluted, no-ventilation-havin’ club in all of Tokyo, which is saying something.  Short of having a show inside of a giant cigarette, or having SKREWDRIVER play a re-union gig inside of a tumor, a night at WASEDA ZONE-B should give you the next best impression of lung hell.




Great, straight-forward oi-punk. Nothing avant-garde, but I suppose that’s the point. The singer is fuckin’ ripped and busts out of his shirt like Hogan.

He also smokes, which might explain why he gets mad sweaty after 30 seconds. But  definitely he’s the star of the show with his mad flexing poses and spikes. And the sweat only adds to it.


The guitarist is the ex-drummer for 4SPiKES – or else I’m wrong AND racist.




 Bass player looked like a model, which is pretty un-punk if you axe me. She played the Beatles’ bass too, which was odd.

I can forgive random Beatles-bassing but she also just stood there all shy and looked at her frets the whole time. I don’t understand how you can have that many tattoos and be so shy/conservative. Her demeanor was like that of a veil-wearing good muslim girl or something.  Maybe I’m being too strict on her, but I like my punk women the way I like my punk men: ugly, sloppy, and defiant.






 Above, original guitarist GOU-san. Below, the best photo of the show:

 Below, the 3 new members:

 4 SPiKES totally changed their line-up and their sound. Instead of playing brutally primitive, 2-note singalong OI chants, they play more rock music now, with a slower tempo and some rudimentary melodies.  It looks like they are in a ‘transition phase’ which will end up either with very average rock music like Springsteen, or continue to get more complex/melodic until it becomes oi-prog. Guess which one I’m rooting for?

 Above, original singer NORI-san, shrouded in mystery.






NO FUTURE$ also totally changed their shit.

Gone is the really tiny ‘noise guitar’ guy,  with the 10 different kinds of feedback and the WWII gas mask. He was replaced by the handsome, competent bassist, which is a shame.

Good news is, the new bassist is TAKEDA KASK (named after his favorite band, ASTA KASK or however you spell it). TAKEDA is – first of all – wearing one of the Mr. Gumby hats from Monty Python. Also he is rocking a silk collared shirt with a MAO TSE TUNG PATCH. Think about this for as long as it takes to sink in.

Takeda-san has a pretty unique ability : he can get almost-passed-out, falling-down-and-grabbing-the-wall drunk by the first band of the show. . . and he can HOLD ON TO THAT STATE FOR THE WHOLE SHOW. He never sobers up or passes out in his own soppings.  It’s a marvelous feat – but unfortunately it’s no match for the old NO FUTURES lineup. See, what made the original band so rad was the division and specialization of labor:  Taking their lesson from capitalist titans such as Henry Ford and J.P.Morgan, the NO FUTURES had members do specific jobs to assemble industrial-strength noise-punk with maximum efficiency. The drum and bass were the cute ones who laid a competent rhythmic foundation, while the vocalist and guitarist abandoned any pretense of music in favor of balatant posing and tom-foolery. But now the only wild guy is the singer – and he’s still amazing, but the overall chaos has gone down significantly, as this graph demonstrates:


 Also, the drummer is Stephen Tyler.

 Unlike drum-boys unfortunate genetic condition, The guitarist – for whatever reason – was dressed as an ’80s glam person intentionally.

This random, cryptic absurdity is one of the strong points of the band.




 The vocalist – IWADAsan (aka MISUTAA JAPAN) had this amazing purple-and-cherry-red afro, which he insisted was how Jonny Rotten would look if Japanese.

I said, no sir, all due respect but you’re Ronald MacDonald.







 PIG FOOD got the best crowd reaction of the night, if fist-pumping is any index, and I think it rather is.

 They play very simple punk. The main unique point is the singer’s voice, which is high and shrieky.





 rough stuff are made of ex-members of TABLOiD PLAY. Specifically the T.P. drummer is now the singer of R.S.

 The guitarist pretty much stole the show – first of all, it’s always rad when someone wears a costume with a t-shirt depicting another person wearing the EXACT SAME COSTUME.

It’s sort of like one of those low-budget haloween costumes that  – instead of looking like Spider-Man, the kid just has a plastic bag on his chest with a PICTURE of Spider-Man on it, like ‘Here is a visual reference of what I am supposed to be. Please kindly suspend your disbelief.’ But mainly the guitarist was awesome because he was rocking the (bone)head-to-(steel)toe classic Skin uniform . . .with relaxed-fit  Dad jeans. What a difference that makes. I was hoping for raver jeans, myself, but there is always next time.

 The music was RAD. I mean I was tired and wanted to go home, and seriously intended to only hear one song, snap a photo, and bail.

But not only did I stick around for the whole set, but I rocked out the most of any band. They are so catchy and perfect of an oi band.




 Anyway, I Hope you enjoyed your virtual-night out. See you next time, and get a haircut, hippy.

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  1. Isaac Hayes August 10th, 2009 11:01 am

    Oi-prog? I think of Oi as working class based music for the cockney masses while prog is more artistic (for lack of a better word) and leans towards those stuffy London art-schools kids that the skins despised. If one were to elevate and expand (technically and artistically) on Oi I think the essential “Oi-ness” would be lost. Could be I am talking out my ass but then again I usually do….

  2. admin August 10th, 2009 1:48 pm

    @issac: yeah, that’s why it’s funny.

  3. Isaac Hayes August 11th, 2009 1:47 pm

    Oh, I guess I’m not great at grasping nuance in text :( I was actually kind of hoping you’d come back with some real Oi-prog. I have this weird idea in my head of Peter Frampton Playing with The exploited. Long, noodley intros (ala Phil Lesh but with Framptons guitar sound) building into short 1-2-3-4-oioioi choruses. It sounds interesting in theory but it would probably suck to listen to.

  4. トリーバーチ店舗 May 24th, 2013 6:01 am


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