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world burns to death, 鉄アレイ, extreme noise terror, slang, systematic death

HARDCORE ATTACK OF THE LOW LIFE DOGS SATURDAY AUGUST 15TH AT EBISU LIQUID ROOM  ***Kind of an interesting idea of a show: the final show of ENT’s tour, and the first show of WB2D’s tour. Kind of a ‘gaijin passing the baton’ thing, where the baton is made of ANARCHY.   九狼吽 (clown)   CLOWN […]


fuck your . . ..

I am quite disappointed that Google does not yield even a SINGLE match for the search (in quotes) "Fuck your opinions about things." I mean, yo, to me that phrase is INDISPENSABLE.   Spread the venom Hide Sites


weird buildings of Hiroo

OK, the other day I discovered the most alarming intersection. 東京都 港区 西麻布1-14 (tokyo-to, minato-ku, nishi-azabu 1-14) It’s located at the southern tip of Aoyama Cemetary, near Roppongi. Seriously, Google Map that shit. Go for a walk. You won’t be disapointed. Pretty much every building surrounding this intersection is fucked. It’s like the intersection was some sort of […]



    The new pods are like 160GB. WTF? Even I think that’s excessive. Why don’t they just put ILLEGALLY DOWNLOAD MORE SHIT THAN YOU CAN EVER LISTEN TO on the package cover? Talk about aiding-and-abetting! If you could afford to legally purchase the 40,000 songs the new pods hold, I assume you’d be too […]


Hanami in the graveyard!!!

Everyone knows I’m crazy about Yanaka Cemetary. It’s got Shogun tombs, feral cats, spooky crows, AND a jungle gym! Plus this blank, ‘insert-name-here’ tombstone: Available on a first-come-first-served basis!     But that’s not what I’m posting about. I’m posting HANAMI photos of the cemetary. A sort of "zombie hanami" for September (September being the point […]


BURNING SPIRITS : paintbox, world burns to death, slip head butt, slang, so what

CHELSEA NO HI:(Chelsea’s day) MEMORIAL GIG AUGUST 17TH 2009 @ OOKUBO EARTH-DOM  Chelsea was the guitarist for PAINTBOX, and also for DEATH SIDE.  I guess those were bands at the heart of the BURNING SPIRITS scene. BURNING SPIRITS (for those of you who – like me – know nothing about ’80s Japanese hardcore) was the […]