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It is one of the greatest crimes of the Reagan era that Die Kreuzen are not as famous as DRI or DKs. Fuck! That burns me up. Of course by their second LP they turned totally to shit, but that first LP was so insane. They had so many songs on it that when I looked at the vinyl it looked like a bee’s butt – tiny tiny stripes. (maybe the bee coloring of the sleeve affected my judgement in this regard, but still, that was a fuckload of songs). What sets Die Kreuzen apart from all the other generic hardcore bands? The necroses and the negative approaches and crucifixes and germses and seven secondses and such?
1) the singer had the most throat-shredding vocals, before ‘throat-shredding’ was even a word. Dude was second only to Wendy O. Williams at making pure radio-static-quality white-noise come out of his face.
2) like I said before, short songs with insane precision.
3) the main reason that this band is second only to Bad Brains: the guitarist Brian Egeness was NUTS. Just as important: he had his own unique style, WITHOUT any non-punk elements: the wanking, solos, the metal shit. He managed to find – through a mixture of talent and imagination – a TOTALLY NEW WAY to play guitar WITHIN THE RIGID RULES OF HARDCORE. Oh plus it was fucking great to listen to, which helped. Here is Mr. Egeness’s contribution to history in a nutshell: every Die Kreuzen song had a singular, distinct pattern of strumming that no other Die Kreuzen song had. That means that 1a) he could play so well that he could play synchopated off-beat notes even at breakneck speed, and 1b) he managed to get a guitar tone that – while distorted and ear-scraping – let you hear all these tiny tiny notes, all these micro-second pauses distinctly. The dude was so creative with this technique that I bet you could play the guitar patterns ON BONGOS (not that you would, because that is very un-punk) and within 3 seconds a Die Kreuzen fan could tell which song it was. No notes! Just by the rhythm alone you could tell, “Oh, that must be Rumors” or whatever.



especially, check out the song "fighting" at 1:20 in.

 and then, one album later . . .





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  1. Miles October 24th, 2009 9:22 pm

    ALL WHITE!!!

  2. Keith McX October 26th, 2009 9:07 pm

    I love these guys, even the later material.

  3. weldermatt April 8th, 2010 11:32 pm

    There is a Die Kreuzen online archive, which includes an upload of a show from 1984. AND over 100 flyers…
    Get yer asses over there.

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