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They were a band from the bay area in the ’80s that played at Gilman St. a lot and had tongue-in-cheek songs about girls with names like "She’s From Salinas (And She Looks LIke Venus)" or "Baby Baby Baby Baby Baby Baby Baby, I Love You."

What is more important, they were  the only good pop-punk band ever.

What is even more important: They were the Grand Wizard Theodores and Melle Melles and perhaps even the Cool Hercs of punk: they basically single-handedly invented west-coast pop-punk at a time when that shit was not at ALL fashionable, and then a few years later, other bands came along and stole the style and made a million dollars with it.

These fools got robbed.

Plus,  in 2009, when even crusty punks like framtid and anarchists like world burns 2 death have myspace pages, pop-punks SWEET BABY are keeping it real and have no myspace, no youtube, no internet archive, nothing. Real underground shit!!!

So, in lieu of a SWEET BABY  video, I’ll post this by Grand Wizard Theodore:


SWEET BABY only had one album, called IT’S A GIRL.

About the title of the album: At a time when every other band had a singer that would start each song with a 3 minute rant, “This is a song about central American imperialism!” “This is a song about the lies in the fucking media!” “This is a song about racism in the scene!” “This is a song about Nuclear War!” . . . Sweet Baby Jesus would introduce EVERY SINGLE song with, “This is a song about a girl.” Thus, the album was called what it is called.  

Every song on that album is total genius. Catchy melodies performed with deliberate sloppiness. Spazzes, if you will. A band that put fun first, and made sure you had fun too. A band that did not follow trends. A band that you can listen to if you’re in love or if you’ve just been dumped. A great christmas gift for the lesbians in your life.

Also the singer, while crooning lines like “Baby baby baby baby baby baby baby I love you” was simultaneously getting his Ph.D. in philosophy. So how about them apples!

Anyway, pretty much the only way you could improve this band was if SWEET BABY JESUS did a duet with BIG baby jesus. Now that would have been something.



 Anyway,  buy their shit.

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  1. Stephen October 27th, 2009 7:20 pm

    Hey, just wondering why no Black Randy & The Metrosquad rant yet? It seems like this would be a band that you, as someone who loves both punk and James Brown, would adore. Or perhaps hate for some reason. At any rate I’d love to hear what you thought of them.

  2. admin October 27th, 2009 9:28 pm

    @Stephen: thanks for the question. I honestly never heard of Black Randy until summer of this year!
    I listened to the album, and I got to say the lyrics are pretty dope. Idi Amin, Trouble at the Cup, I Tell Lies Everyday . . . that’s the kind of fuckin’ topical sick humor that punks don’t do any more!
    But I found his funk to be too sloppy,too jittery, and those dudes were straight incompetent. He probably should of ripped off Roger & Zapp instead – more slower, minimal, Angelino grooves. He didn’t have the vocal energy to sound like the Godfather.

  3. Andrew October 27th, 2009 10:28 pm

    was world burns 2 death a jab at world/inferno friendship society?

  4. =0 October 29th, 2009 7:02 am

    I am almost positive the WB2D myspace is fan-made and unendorsed…it’s definitely hilarious to see those type of groups whoring themselves there though.

  5. Control December 18th, 2009 3:05 pm


    yes, the WB2D myspace page is just a fan page.
    we won’t touch that shit.

    funny thing is… the kid who put it up won’t friend us!

    that’s fucked up!
    jack control

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