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SU19B, DOT (.), SITHTHER @ 20000V


June 21, 2009 in Kouenji: BITCH SHIFTER OVERDRIVE

‘Bitch Shifter Overdrive’ is a series of live shows that SITHTHER puts on to promote doom bands with female members.




 This was one of those bands where you could totally see what they were trying to do but it just wasn’t working.

They were going for (Black Sabbath + A Little Bit Of  Baroque + Japanese Classical  Or Kabuki Or Something)


But they weren’t good enough to write baroque-style riffs, their performance was more lack-luster than a practice session, and

homegirl’s attempts to sing like a classical Japanese vocalist wound up sounding more like Ethyl Merman:




 I’ve written about SITHTHEHERHRHHR a bunch in the past, so this time, just pictures:



 The main event was the bass player’s HAIR HAT, above. You can’t see it clearly, but he wore a visor with his bangs draped over it like some kind of awning.

I could not look at anything else.

 DOT (.) (click the link for their myspace. They have one now.)

 Just search this site for DOT (.) and you’ll find like X amount of show reviews. Christ, I can’t believe how many DOT shows I got to / DOT reports i write. They may or may not be the best doom band in Tokyo, but they’re far-and-away the most persuasive.


Maybe they should start writing JINGLES!!









 Su19b – they are always rad – look at how high the drummer put his knee up in the air . What’s that about ? it’s rare to see a really slow band be this physical.

And fuck anyone who uses "I play doom" as an excuse to stand still on the stage like a butthole. A still butthole.

 su19b used to play kind of slow/fast power-violence stuff, then they got all non-repeating and mathy . . . I was looking forward to tonight’s show to see what new direction they were headed in this time, but I drank like a certain amount of  beverages and consequently my question goes unanswered.



 One thing is certain: they rocked the eff out.



 Sorry I took so many photos of you guys.  I’m getting embarassed now so I’ll stop.

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