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reexamine, setestar sept, endon, disgunder

 october 11, 2009 @ shinokubo earthdom.




 This band – who I keep thinking are called "Be Right Back!" is a classic “classified-ad” band – the singer and guitar were thrashers from 1986, the other guitarist one skinny-tie away from being a Talking Head, the basist was from Cradle of Filth, and the drummer was a calculus professor. They played really catchy, simple death metal.



SETESTAR September





The vocalist was a denim-clad thrasher, the guitarist was a transvestite Lolita who had totally crazy stage-moves, but also had the worst guitar tone possible, and would play like 20 different riffs per song, and you couldn’t hear any of them.
The real star was the drummer, who looked like some wigged-out cult-leader guy, and played like TETSUDA YOSHIDA from RUINS if RUINS played death-metal. Shit was super-technical and synchopated, but played really sloppy and chaotically, while dude had this spaced-out cult-leader smile, like his head was the eye of the hurricane of his body. Music was terrible , though.










One-man band:
 a large part of his show – intentionally or not ? – was a parody of macho singers’ theatrics: he tried to stand on the monitor speaker, . . but fell off. He tried to scream with the mic in his mouth while bending over backwards like iggy pop, but the mic fell out, and then he fell over. He tried to run into the crowd holding the mic, but ran out of mic cord, it was ripped from his hand. He kept running forward without noticing and then disappeared into the bathroom at the back. He had this tough-guy wallet chain, but Got his microphone cord tangled in his wallet-chain and it only reached up to his belly button, and he tried to sing into it but couldn’t reach.
He also had a lot of intentional physical comedy as well – the birth of GRIND VAUDVILLE??? One hopes so.
Tried to eat his own setlist but lacked the guts to finish it.
Got naked during his encore – a piano ballad.
Erotically fondled the sound-proofing panels on the side.
Sang into the kick-drum microphone
Tried to eat the insulation and failed at that too.
Also grindcore usually has a lot of horror movie samples on it, but this guy’s samples were all a woman’s voice insulting him.


 Here he is, trying to eat tape.




These guys are simple: year after year, they play brutally simple, old-school death-metal. fuck the trends! Sorry but I don’t know which country’s old-school they are copying.




 Wait, back up – can we see a close-up of the bassist’s t-shirt?


 Also, the drummer’s denim vest is note-worthy:

VENOM backpatch made from old t-shirt and safety-pins. . .IN THE SHAPE OF A STAR OF DAVID.


That’s the thing about RE-EXAMINE – they are super traditional with their death, but at the same time they are pretty tongue-in-cheek.

Between songs, the drummer would lecture the crowd in  a very pretentious, traditional-Japanese-politician, "WARE WARE" style of speech – about Death Metal, and how we must do our death metal correctly, and have the correct spirit, and how certain bands here tonight are not respectful of death metal.  It was like all the usual things a blowhard old politician would say about the Emperor, but substituting "death metal" for "emperor," and plus he kept fucking up his formal Japanese – not clear if it was on purpose or not. Either way, he got a lot of laughs with this gimmick.



 (the name means END PLUS ON, as in ‘end-but-keep-going’, or ‘never stop.’)


This was fucking great! You always see noise bands taking 20 minutes to set up and think “OK this is gonna be psycho!” and then get let down.
But ENDON is what most noise bands are going for and failing at. Power fuckin’ Electronics. A noise-guitarist, 2 analog-keyboard people with crazy oscillators that make great crashing waves (square waves, if I am not mistaken!) of distortion, and a singer who is a crazy skinhead who looks like he wants to punch you in the face but he is so angry he can’t move because all of his muscles are flexing at the same time. The whole set was 10 minutes and left the stage covered in debris.
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: That ‘s one sure sign of a good band: if they have an aftermath.







 I wonder if I could buy their used CDs at END-OFF?



Aside from REEXAMINE, This was probably the most gimmick-free, competent band of the night. Simple old-school Death metal mixed with crust. They moved around and put on a show, but unfortunately were not as scary as they sounded. I mean, for sheer headbanging and rocking, I enjoyed DISGUNDER the most tonight, but they were trying to be this scary, FRAMTID-meets-POSSESSED band, and they should have been really frightening if they did it right.






 zenands gots



A throwback to those really awful late-‘90s emo bands, where the rhythm section would be really amazing and synchopated but the singer would ALWAYS be this whiny little terrible man and ruin it and the guitars would always have this lame screetchy plunky tone that sucked, with chords that made no sense.
It’s like someone managed to get all the annoying screetch of distortion without any of the balls of distortion and handed it to these emo cats and said, “Here! It’s the worst of both! You’ll love it!”
 Honestly I never bothered to learn the names of those bands but they were totally a plague 10 years ago. drive like jehu? You know, the bands with super-long pretentious names like “Poetic Universal Emotion Of Convocated Cornholes” or whatever. Fuck if I know.
All the drummers and bass players of those bands should have quit and formed nomeansno-type bands. I can understand maybe one shitty singer convincing a good bass/drum duo to join his crap band – maybe he is charismatic or has free drugs? A place to pratice? But an ENTIRE SUB-GENRE based on drummers and bass players getting butt-fucked by no-talent emo vocal/guitar twerps? It beggars belief.




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