Tokyo Damage Report

2009 fall design festa

This happened on October 16th, 2009 at big sight.


I’ve been going to these festas for 8 years, just over half the entire life-span of the event. You’d think that – being a jaded old man – I’d be bored of it by now, but nope. Every time there’s new shit and more new shit.


As always, I’ve tried to link to the websites of all the artists. If you like the picture, please visit their sites and buy something. 



Ok, first off. . .

 The intricate and distrubed art of Mitsukazu Sutoh. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have any website on his card.



 Below: more art from the ubiquitous TERRYS.

 Below: the distrubing imagery of NONGU!


 below:  YAMAGUCHI HIKARU – still a teen-ager, so I’ll forgive the "vinyl figurine" stink.


 below: the work of MR. GROWHAIR!  I met him first 10 years ago! When I was still a tourist. He was doing this elaborate page of cosplay photos, always at the Harajuku bridge and conventions. Nowadays he is making these grotesquely lifelike dolls which he sells for unreal amounts of money. He also remembered my name, which I was stoked.

 below: MURAMATSU HIROYUKI. Like Mitsukazu Sutoh (above), Muramatsu has a kind of Lovecraftian thing going on, but doesn’t do it in a dumb, literal way. He makes it totally his own, which I think is what makes it disturbing.


 Below,  NAKAGAWA MITSUKO’s insanely detailed art- machines, but hand-drawn! Ha!


 Below: YASUNAKA YAROU – who I guess is trying to get a Jackass-meets-performance-art thing going? He was giving out free shots of Jack, and when we stopped by his booth, he drew a sick face and wrote: LAWSON on it (the name of a popular fast-food chain). WTF? 

 Below: the work of the spectacular SACHIKO KANEOYA – who, in addition to having an encyclopedic knowledge of japanese pop- and advertising-art from the 20s to the 70s,  can duplicate practically era. What’s more is, she was one of the only artists to depict men. In fact she’s been doing it for years and just this time other women have started copying her female-objectifies-male style.


 Below, some girl that seems to be picking up what KANEOYA is putting down: (unfortunately I lost her card – if you know who this is, please send me her information so I can link properly).





 Below: the RAD art of MASASHI ANRAKU , another artist who likes working in an old pop style – his specialty is package design from 100 years ago.


 below, ???


 There was a rad band that played : they had a novel and fun concept: western marching-band drums – and marching band rudiments – but the songs were ARRANGED in a traditional Japanese TYCO fashion.  Like they used western building blocks to construct a Japanese house.

 Below , the "carlendar" for September.



 below: a painting by AIRCO CARAVAN,  who also does silkscreens of Putin.

 below: totally insane AUTOCAD art (detail)

 The whole painting is below.



below, the works of the mysterious NIKICHI – whose subject matter is exclusively photoshop collages of her grandfather.



 Below, the incredibly detailed art of K. KAMI.H!!!!!!!!!!!!!



 Below: architectural park-head dolls.

 Below: a sci-fi kleenex box!

below,  the wonderful kaijuu paintings of TOMURA ATSUSHI, who is also the a main guy of PIKO PIKO (the kaijuu arts collective).

Tomura usually is famous for making monster suits for people to wear, but he does painting, too!



 My favorite thing was this:





I really want to know whose art this was : stencils on stretched canvas. Anyone know?

This kind of "combine famous icons" is usually a little too easy and therefore corny, but by throwing

unexpected  bhuddist icons in the mix I dunno – it really made me convulse.


 Below: warf

 This guy . . . .he decorates custom shoes with collage art. Then he takes photos of the finished shoes and cuts up the photos and makes collages out of THAT.

He seems to be caught in a recursive loop, which might explain why the collages are metastatizing off the shoes and into his whole wardrobe and extra leg.





below: the Killing Machine Babies . . .  by TOY LAB.







The excellent pop-art of  MASUDA YUTAKA. Did I say pop-art? I meant to say -POP-UP!!


 YUMI KATO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The ‘narcisstic goth teen girl’ photos of  西園 HARUCHAN


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  1. 23 Wolves December 15th, 2009 11:23 am

    What an insane amount of awesome stuff…how easy would it be to order something from a website? I can’t figure most of them out…are they selling prints or original stuff? How would I make the money-for-goods exchange? Such fine art. I’m paralyzed by ruthlessness!

  2. fzgig December 15th, 2009 4:22 pm

    ahh the long overdue art post.

    Couldn’t find anything on Sutoh either, except this one print:
    Lots of other wonderfully dark art on that page though…

  3. Isaac Hayes December 15th, 2009 5:36 pm

    It looks like Muramatsu Hiroyuki is to Cthulu as Georgia O’keeffe was to desert flowers….

  4. admin December 15th, 2009 8:10 pm

    @23wolves: i feel your pain. if you want to order anime crap or stupid $100 vynyl toys or porn there’s a lot of English-language sites that sell that. But if you want cool art, there is no english site for that. Normally i hate middlemen, but in this case we really do need that kind of business. I’ll tell you what though, if you pick 2 artists, I’ll write to them and ask how you can pay for goods.

  5. 23 Wolves December 20th, 2009 7:25 pm

    What a gentleman! I will get back to you regarding this. Thanks!

  6. Doner December 20th, 2009 7:39 pm

    Good guy! Thanks for introducing this stuff to us!

  7. AnokPanda January 4th, 2010 9:25 pm

    I have no real recommendations, but I know of people using “overseas shopper services” to get Lolita clothes from Japan. It’s not a real solution, but I just wanted to say that such middle really do exist and aren’t as overpriced and out of reach as you may think; so keep “googling” and you’ll find one. They seem to work like those delivery guys that well bring you food from any restaurant.

  8. Old reader of this site March 9th, 2010 4:54 pm

    Now I remember why I used to read this blog.
    Good inspiration. I've been thinking of adding disturbing subliminal junk to my work, but how to work it into boring hotel menus and corporate brochures?? I almost got away with putting a gay pun on an album cover, but the artist chose someone else's boring proposal. Damn him.

    Also, Japanese folks would rather go broke and close shop, than take suggestions from a foreigner on how to conduct their business. Also, also, over half of the population hasn't figured out international/air mail. There are exceptions, but this is the rule.

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