Tokyo Damage Report

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This show was INSANE. 6 hours of nonstop hardcore, in a venue where there was not room to move.

In between bands, the staff had to get a mop and bucket and mop the sweat off the stage. This was not band-sweat. This was the same sweat that coated the audience in a 3mm layer. The same perspiration that evaporated up to the ceiling because of the 110 degree heat and then rained down on everyone and everything in the club.

Every time you breathed ,  10% of that air was microdroplets of fluids from every other person in attendance. When the French revolutionaries cried for equality and fraternity, is this what they meant? I hope so. 

Also the camera – which had valliantly managed to hold out until the last band – conked out minutes after the show. What destroyed it? The constant slam-dancing, diving, moshing? No. The sweat! The sweat had seeped into every crack of the camera and FLOODED IT. Next time I’m bringing one of those Jaques Cousteau underwater motherfuckers they snap seals with.


They were in the middle of their Japan tour:

Singer Devon sports a "clown" t-shirt:




 They played very short fast songs that had a lot of dynamics and stop-start parts, without being at all wanky or can’t-tell-what’s-going-on-y.

Actually some of it was catchy. No solos, no pretentions, no bullshit. Dudes being angry and having fun.

Their website has tour diaries that have to be read to be believed – tours of  third world countries that most bands wouldn’t dare.

 below, drummer Kiku (ex-assfort – and assfort was one of the main reasons I went to Japan in the first place! – and current member of Charm)





The drummer is the amazing Mr. Iron Fist  (also from SSORC, DIE YOU BASTARD, and half a dozen other bands)










 Below, singer Masaki getting ferocious:






 Here’s Mr. singer mid-dive, tearing into the audience:





 They weren’t my cup of tea – sort of shrill ’90s – japan – indies, wraparound-sunglasses-and-tuneless-shrieking.

The only person I liked was the guitar, whose solos were this:

Chuck Berry riffs played THROUGH A RING MODULATOR.









 Framtid brought the fear, as usual.

 Can you see how fuckin’ crowded this shit is? it was like that all the way to the back!

 If I’m not mistaken, that’s the singer for UNARM crowd-surfing.

 below: best Framtid photo of the evening:



The music is very straight-ahead d-beat crust.


The singer is basically the asian Iggy Pop.










 These guys not only had a non-stop pit, but the pit was this really nice mix of foreigners, japanese, young and old, women and men, all uniting to shove and pummel each other.

It was a beautiful moment. This shit is something Tokyo can learn from.




 Above: Framtid Dude smiles.  I’Ve never before seen any framtid dudes in the audience.  But they came out to watch PISSCHRIST ,which should give you some idea.









See, this is why us old people roll our eyes when you teenagers start talking about "this style of music is better than that style of music." Style is bullshit. All that matters is the individual bands.  I could give a FUCK if something is rockabilly, rap, opera, country, metal,  post death prog whatever the fuck core. All that matters is if the band jumps around like crazed ape shits.

PISSCHRIST came and killed everyone – not because they had the fastest blastbeats or the most double-quadruple-bass drums, or the craziest CEPHALIC CARNAGE squiggley riffs, or the most brootal breakdowns or the most killer shredding leads or the tallest mohawks or the most extreeeeeme lyrics – fuck all that garbage. They killed everyone because they ACTED LIKE THE PICTURES  YOU JUST SAW AND THEY PERSUADED THE CROWD TO DO THE SAME and nobody got killed too bad, so it was smooooth.

Anyway, here’s me and dude:


And here’s me after a few boozes and a lot of rock:


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  1. sephim December 17th, 2009 7:25 pm

    CFD are awesome.

    I hope you’re including Marrickville, NSW as one of those third world areas…

  2. Jo December 18th, 2009 1:06 am

    incredible stuff. insanely great line-up. as always thx for sharing Schultz.

  3. steven December 18th, 2009 4:56 am

    Looks like a ridiculously great show. Crow is one of the best bands of ALL TIME!

  4. Fuko Franklin December 19th, 2009 9:57 pm

    Wow! Are you that bearded gent who looks like he owns a multi-million dollar production company in Austin Texas?

    Very cool.

  5. Larry December 20th, 2009 2:41 am

    Holy shit Shultz, you look like Jesus Christ with a leather biker jacket now!!!

  6. Monty December 20th, 2009 10:16 am

    “Style is bullshit. All that matters is the individual bands…All that matters is if the band jumps around like crazed ape shits.”

    Fucking SIGNED…

    Also, are you aware that you have reached a stage in which it is illegal for you to look like that and not be fronting a Scandinavian folk-metal band?

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