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DECEMBER 12 AT OOKUBO EARTHDOM: magma beat hell v.3

"magma beat hell" is the name of the concert series that the band Kriegshog puts on.

Since when do hardcore bands produce concert series? Since they have to pay to play, dummy!


The band has to pay to rent the hall, and they also have the reponsibility to book shows – hopefully they can stack the bill with a good combination of their friends’ bands and bands that will actually draw fans. Anyway, the good side of all  this money-and-politics bullshit is that the band gets to think of a really sick, heavy name for their concerts. In this case, magma beat hell. Also by checking out the TITLES of the concerts, fans can deduce which band is putting on the concert. So if you see any schedule that says MAGMA BEAT HELL on it, you know kriegshog is footing the bill, and you also know  you are garaunteed a good-ass time.


My time was – shall we say – a little TOO good. This concert coincided with my discovery of NIGORIZAKE on convinience-store shelves. Nigori-zake is my favorite type of japanese likker – unfiltered rice wine that is full of little white flakes – it functions like a snow-globe if you put it upside down. Anyway it is awesome, sweet and smooth, but only available in winter. I had totally forgotten about that shit, and suddenly seeing that  nigorizake was being sold, and HAD been on shelves  for a fucking MONTH, I tried to make up for lost time and drink a whole months’ worth.  So don’t expect my usual colorful commentary on the last half of the show.




 SCREWITHIN  play sloppy, fast hardcore. They look crusty but they don’T have the classic crust/metal/d-beat sound at all.

They have two vocals – which I always prefer. But both vocals have the same sounding -ass voice, which is a waste.

Mr. NHK is always jumping around, having mischevious antics – he’s more of the Flavor Flav of the group.

Ms. AIKO is more stern and spartan – clearly she is filling the Chuck D role, if Chuck D was a Japanese girl who stabbed a cop in both kidneys.




 Their drummer is 12. I don’t know what it is about japanese punk drummers – either they are the most muscley person in the band or else they are in junior high. There seems to be very little in-between. (see also, drummers for funeral moth and BROB. . . )

 Below, the guitarist: I think he’s the same guy from charm and , occasionally, from conquest for death.





 Continuing the trend of Tokyo Crusty Pretty-boy bands is ATF, whose singer looks like  a host-boy. I told him to his face he was too cute for this style of dirty, grimey, homeless-ass music. Get some zits, i told him. Like i said, Nigorizake. His response was, "Well, if I’m too cute, it can’t be helped, because it’s me."  I also got on them for them ALL having the exact same rubberized, inflatable-life-raft-ass-looking  boots that seem to be required of d-beat poseurs in town. I said, "Do you guys all work at the same shoe store? Is that how you met originally?"



 They have only been a band for one year. They  are totally clean-cut, good-smelling kids with zero cred. . . but still they have gotten an impressively dirty, huge, wall of sound when they play. Like it really sounds ferocious until you open your eyes and see some skinny kids with store-bought "crusty pants" with patches in identical places. Honestly they’d be more heavy if they came out looking very preppy . . . and THEN launched into this all-out sonic bludgeoning. Instead of being like "You posers," people would be like, "Holy shit, for preppy kids they rock incredibly hard."   I guess MIND OF ASIAN  takes that approach in a different way: they come out looking like some tamborine-shakin’-ass hippies and then blow your mind with some hardcore and you’re like "I got hustled!"


ATF play very short songs – almost  like old american hardcore. But the guitar / vox/ bass SOUNDS like crusty d-beat.

I guess that’s their claim to uniqueness. Frankly  their main good point is their wall of sound, not their generic riffs or misplaced love of 1982 hardcore . . . – if they’d play long, looping, repetitive songs it would be better.  The brothers need a MANAGER is what I’m saying. 

I want to Malcolm Maclaren/Colonel Tom the FUCK out of these kids. Then I can convince the singer to go solo. "These guys are just holding you back, kid!"







 They had a singer who positively attacked the audience. Dude was like a panther – you never knew when he was going to leap out and wreak havoc. Dude could barely be contained BY HIS OWN SKIN.




 I saw these guys like 3 years back. They were basically ANAL CUNT from Osaka.  The music was improv noise – it was just an excuse for the singer to throw chairs and attack people in the audience. IT WAS RAD.


That’s why – even though they were a mean bunch of hardcore guys – this time I was disappointed. They actually had a guitar player and songs and – worse still – were tight. The giant hairdos were gone. The singer smiled.  What the hell, guys?









 From the beginning of FAST KILL until the time I arrived home at 1 AM, unable to figure out which key opens the door, everything is a blank. Judging from the pictures, FAST KILL were ’80s german thrash with Jim Morrison singing.




 As a shitty photographer – I have to say most of my pictures turn out wrong. That’s why bands like FASTKILL, (and QUILL , and ANGEL OD, CPS, PISSCHRIST and SU19B) are rad-  it’s literally impossible to take a bad picture of them. And believe me, by that time of night, i was TRYING to take bad pictures. 


 Again, your guess of the music is as good as mine.


and – check out homeboy’s crazed demonic facial expressions.

For all I know, this might have sounded like  Kool and The Gang . . .. but somehow I doubt it.


 Above: the singer and guitarist of KRIEGSHOG smile, while inside wondering "How can we go on after   these motherfuckers??"

And in the center : the singer of UNARM, in one of her rare breaks from  the pit.




 above: singer of TOTAL NOISE ACCORD diving on Masaki, singer of KRIEGSHOG.





 below: masaki diving in to the crowd

 I can’t say if they  sounded any different tonight, but I CAN say they booked an incredibly good show.  And everyone had fun. Not a huge amount of musical diversity, right, . . .but 8 bands and not a dud in the bunch.  They got audience members from Mexico, Brazil, Australia, America. . .  Fuck yeah, KREIGSHOG.



 the ole’ microphone twirl.



 Below, me,  after drinking irresponsibly. I honestly have no idea who took this picture. If you see me at a show striking this pose, it’s your cue to walk up and ask me my opinions about the Middle East and  east coast hardcore. Also, you might walk away with a free camera. The person who took this – whoever they were – was nicer than you and your felonious cohorts (shame on you!), though, and  gave me my camera back.  . . .LIKE A SUCKER.


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  1. szaszha January 1st, 2010 9:38 pm

    nigorizake is the shit! i get it year round in san antonio tx from a tiny single wide trailer called tokyo mart behind an abandoned looking japanese restaraunt. the first time i bought sake there the owner, an ancient japanese man (accompanied by a somehow more ancient and stooped japanese wife) asks me “ah, uh, you, uh, old enough? yes?” and im like hell yeah and i go to show him my id, but he pushes it away and looks all ashamed like he hated to ask and was afraid he insulted my honor or something. wtf! then he’s all bowing when he takes my money and shit. i feel like i’m walking into a manga when i go in there, a terrible shojo manga, because his daughter is always there too looking all bored and angsty, glued to her iphone and netbook and being like “where’s my motherfucking prince charming, i’m always working at my dads store” and shit.

    so yeah, nigori all the fucking way! they also sell OZEKI ONE CUP which i have yet to try. that shit looks hardcore!

  2. catoneinutica January 3rd, 2010 6:20 pm

    Re: previous comment: the FUCK?! Kids these days. Speaking of: is the ZZ Top look intentional or is it some kind of convergent-evolution thing?

  3. helloaer January 3rd, 2010 11:47 pm

    szaszha: Duuude Tokyo Inn is the shit. Have you been there, or just the grocery? There’s a waiter who likes to make inappropriate jokes to middle aged ladies. It’s hilarious.

  4. admin January 4th, 2010 5:50 am

    @catoneinutica: who has the zz top look? Your comment made me laugh, but I guess I’m not smart enough (or ZZ TOP- fluent-enough) to get it.

  5. AnokPanda January 4th, 2010 11:12 am

    That one band was a little to cute. As a senior bastard you should offered to puke on them and carve things into their faces, really man, you need to nuture the youngbloods.

    Maybe not ZZ Top, more like if I saw you I’d be thinking “i didn’t know this side walk was a bridge, but to be safe I’ll just hand over my sachel of gold coins, before he puts a hex my me unborn children.”

  6. Alastor January 28th, 2010 4:38 am

    Nice report !

    And your pic is definately amazing, you can thanx the guy who took it I guess !

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