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Furyu Mutan!!!

  I got an email a month ago from Francois, a reader who blew my mind with the story of Furyu Mutan!!!   “Furyu Mutan” (風流夢譚 = “The Tale of the Elegant Dream”)  is a story written by Shichiro Fukazawa (深沢七郎) , published in Japan in 1960. It’s famous because it was so scandalous that […]



歩道橋 (ほどうきょう=pedestrian overpasses) + 朽ち果てる (くちはてる= rot away). This was my obsession for a couple of months! Using photos I am trying to create an endless , bottomless staircase into rottenness. Enjoy!   a sdasdfasdf Spread the venom Hide Sites


interview with Suma-Q!!!

Suma-Q is a wonderfully talented fashion designer, DJ, shop-owner, and general scene pillar here in Tokyo. She’s one of those rare people who is  expert in both traditional Japanese things as well as the grotesque corners of the underworld.    Her nickname  is a combination of “sumata” (a slang Japanese term for a scam where […]


March funny photos

above, the "ladies' first" botique. Below, just what you think it is: Interestingly, they are across the street from one another and have similar color schemes. Do you think they had the same graphic designer? "OK, I'll hook you up with an extra logo for FREE but you got to let ME pick the name!" […]


I have opinions about politics!

What pisses me off the most about America's current political situation is not – as you might well assume – assholes. I know assholes have a terrible reputation, but still.  I’m most pissed off at myself for how little I understand the political process.     How come could Bush get anything he wanted, but […]


nerds stole my content???

Just discovered that this guy  has coped-and–pasted-and-posted the entire fuckin' visual interview on his own site.  I tried to leave a comment about how this was a bit of a 'dick move' as we say in the USA. But dude is on LiveJournal and since I am not a member I can't even complain. Double […]


visual kei fallout

OK, it's been a week since I posted the "interview with an ex-visual kei executive", and the furor has died down somewhat. Let's take a moment to see what we've learned from the deluge of comments:   *   For people that liked it, say thanks to Mr. Satoh, not me.  It was his patience and […]


homeless real estate listings

 In Tokyo, the most crowded city – where everyone is living in hamster rooms and internets on the  phone because a Sony Vaio takes up too much space. . . you know who has the massive living room?  Not the chairman of Nissan. Not the secretary of  Kawasaki. This guy, that’s who!  Look at him! He’s got […]


Interview with an ex-Visual Kei record executive

INTRO     Back in 2008, I interviewed Mr. SATOH-SAN (not his real name), who worked for a fairly well-known Visual Kei record label in the ‘90s.   Visual Kei is a sort of glam-gothic-rock thing where the band might look like a space vampire who is also a gay Kabuki French countess.    That […]